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  1. Setlist: 01.A Place For My Head 02.Forgotten 03.Papercut 04.By Myself 05.Points of Authority 06.And One 07.In The End 08.With You 09.Runaway 10.One Step Closer DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/?n84jyglotd84oj5
  2. i hate trollers and liars . dam stupid people
  3. so.. this show's gonna be uploaded soon or not?
  5. 2001-11-16 Live in Portland, OR + 2001-12-09 Live in Universal City, CA DEAD LINK 2001-03-01 Live in Madrid, Spain + 2001-05-15 Live in Osaka, Japan DEAD LINK 2002-02-12 Live in Fairfax, VA DEAD LINK 2003-04-26 Live in Rapid City, SD DEAD LINK 2003-07-04 Live in Pontiac, MI DEAD LINK 2003-07-26 Live in Cicero, IL DEAD LINK 2003-09-08 Live in Madrid, Spain DEAD LINK 2003-10-24 Live in Tokyo, Japan + 2003-10-25 Live in Tokyo, Japan + 2003-10-27 Live in Tokyo, Japan DEAD LINK DEAD LINK DEAD LINK 2003-11-21 Live in Manchester, UK DEAD LINK 2004-01-21 Live in Cleveland, OH DEAD LINK 2004-01-29 Live in Rosemont, IL DEAD LINK 2004-08-28 Live in Somerset, WI DEAD LINK 2004-09-05 Live in Mountain View, CA DEAD LINK 2006-08-13 Live at Summer Sonic (Tokyo, Japan) DEAD LINK 2007-04-28 Live in Berlin, Germany DEAD LINK 2007-05-06 Live in East Rutherford, NJ DEAD LINK 2007-05-24 Live in Copenhagen, Denmark DEAD LINK 2007-05-30 Live in Paris, France DEAD LINK 2007-06-08 Live in Lisboa, Portugal DEAD LINK 2007-06-09 Live in Castle Donington, UK DEAD LINK 2007-06-13 Live in Chorzow, Poland DEAD LINK 2007-10-22 Live in Boondall, QLD, Australia DEAD LINK 2008-01-16 Live in Hannover, Germany DEAD LINK 2008-01-20 Live in Frankfurt, Germany DEAD LINK 2008-06-17 Live in Brno, Czech Republic DEAD LINK 2008-06-22 Live in Dublin, Ireland DEAD LINK 2008-06-27 Live in Berlin, Germany DEAD LINK 2008-07-30 Live in Charlotte, NC DEAD LINK 2008-08-02 Live in Tampa, FL DEAD LINK 2008-08-09 Live in Mountain View, CA DEAD LINK 2009-08-01 Live in Knebworth, UK DEAD LINK 2009-08-02 Live in Grafenhainichen, Germany DEAD LINK 2010-10-09 Live in Santiago, Chile DEAD LINK 2010-10-20 Live in Berlin, Germany DEAD LINK 2010-10-25 Live in Paris, France DEAD LINK
  6. If its gonna sound like MTM it will be pretty good.. but if its gonna sound like ATS it will be a disaster.. IF its gonna sound like HYBRID THEORY it will be the best album of the next decade xD
  7. 1 - With You 2 - Runaway 3 - Papercut 4 - By Myself 5 - Points of Authority 6 - High Voltage 7 - Crawling 8 - Pushing Me Away 9 - And one 10 - In the End 11 - A Place For My Head 12 - One Step Closer + Bonus and 3 Covers http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LQLRP05Q
  8. Did You Know Linkin Park is the best band ever?
  9. i wish for a song like Crawling. a song that would have a simple title like "Crawling" that would have a mind blowing chrous
  10. lol i got LOTS of DSP's from 07-08-09-10-11
  11. yes but we still need posts with shows from 04,05,06,07,08,09,2010,2011
  12. yes!! thx! iv been waiting for thiss mann!
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