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  1. i hate trollers and liars . dam stupid people
  2. so.. this show's gonna be uploaded soon or not?
  4. If its gonna sound like MTM it will be pretty good.. but if its gonna sound like ATS it will be a disaster.. IF its gonna sound like HYBRID THEORY it will be the best album of the next decade xD
  5. Did You Know Linkin Park is the best band ever?
  6. i wish for a song like Crawling. a song that would have a simple title like "Crawling" that would have a mind blowing chrous
  7. VIDEO SHOWS : The Docklands Arena Show (2001) Milan,Italy Show (2001) Hall of Fame,Ohio Show (2001) Rock am Ring 2001 Show House of Blues Show (2001) Tinley Park,Ozzfest Show (2001) Phoenix,Mason Jar Show (2000) New York,Roseland Ballroom Show (2000 and 2001) Goldsmith College Show (2001) Twin Bridges Show (2001) Hollywood Palladium,LA Show (2001) AUDIO SHOWS : BBC,London Audio Show (2001) Orlando Audio Show (2000) Mountain View Audio Show (2001) Irvine,CA Audio Show (2001) Rock im Park,Day 2 Audio Show (2001) Dragon Festival Audio Show (2001) KROQ Audio Show (2000 and 2001)
  8. Guys i found those pics searching on google. What do u think? http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab355/m...pchestertqm.jpg http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab355/m...pmikechazzy.jpg http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab355/m...4lpinaction.jpg http://i879.photobucket.com/albums/ab355/m...estersobado.jpg
  9. chester has flame tattoos on arm.. so its not rlly that old
  10. Guys post here all ur LP videos (not full shows) lol ;D. Mine: Cure for the itch.vob Crawling.vob In The End.vob Papercut.vob One Step Closer.vob Runaway(Live).vob By Myself(Live).vob High Voltage(Live).vob Points of Authority.vob With You(Live).vob Lying from You.vob Forgotten(Live).vob Numb.vob Somewhere I Belong.vob Qwerty(Live).vob Faint.vob Breaking the Habit.vob From The Inside.vob A Place For My Head(Live).vob Given Up.vob No More Sorrow(Live).vob -Extra: Points of Authority(Second Version).vob Crawling(UK Version).vob Esaul (1999 Demo).vob One Step Closer (Live at Conan o Brien).vob One Step Closer (Live at MTV Awards 2001).vob One Step Closer (Live at NPA 2001).vob Lol if u whant something from here leave message/PM me
  11. lol fuck the troll .. concentrate on that pic..
  12. Hey guys i was lookin on Google and i found this pic. I think its Chester. I never saw this pic before tho P.S No offence for the band or something.Its not my pic
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