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  • Linkin Park added Hands Held High to their setlist starting from Milton Keynes. Mike saw a fan who made a sign saying "Play Hands Held High". Halfway through the set, he thought they couldn't play it because they weren't prepared, and instead sang an A capella version and HHH found its way into the set

Um no, Hands Held High debuted in full at this show in 2007 http://lplive.net/shows/20070729.php

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this is something we'll have to check at the end of the year, but thus far, the performance of Waiting For The End for the Rio+Social event, is the only performance of that song in 2012 to not feature the "Apaches" intro

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Mike's currently saying some interesting stuff on Twitter during the Worldwide Listening Party, like this:


"The beginning verse thru 1st chorus on CASTLE OF GLASS are the demo recordings--the first time I ever sang those words. ‪I was basically freestyling the words and playing acoustic guitar. ‪#LIVINGTHINGS‬

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Watching a Mike Shinoda Q&A that was released today and got a few facts:

  • During a LPU Summit, a couple of fans actually used their instruments to play Faint
  • Robot Boy could not be played on the A Thousand Suns Tour because of the overlaying lyrics
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This ones a really tricky, funny one I actually worked out today.


As we all know Figure.09 is in the movie S.W.A.T. well it seems like the movie actually links back to Linkin Park again though the movie. Alright I doubt they knew this at the time but part of the movie has been shot where LP did their Meteora photo shot, in the big empty pool.



As you can see from 1:29 seconds they're in a big empty pool messing around which is the same place LP did the photo shot in the LPTV below.



I thought that was worth a share for something quite random.

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  • Chester actually lived in his car while the rest of the band made the decision as to whether or not they wanted him as their singer.
  • Mike enjoys snowboarding in his free time.
  • Mike actually grew up in the same neighborhood as the members of Incubus and has known them for around 15 years. The band had run into and talked to them several time before eventually touring with them for the Honda Civic Tour.
  • Mike enjoys the TV shows Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and 30 Rock.
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One Step Closer was played for at least 3 TV performances in 2001.

In The End had like 2 exclusive performances in 2001, but was also dropped from a show in 2001 once.

Live 8 2005 had no One Step Closer.

Las Vegas 2007, OSC but no ITE.

2 2009 shows with ITE and no OSC.

OSC was dropped for Madrid 2010.


ITE: -3+2-1+1-1+2+1=1

OSC: 3-2-1+1-2-1=-2


Sorry if that calculation is confusing, In The End wins, but One Step Closer is not just 1 behind.

That all isn't 100% but I think it's save to assume that In The End is the most performed song, I think it's doesn't really matter how far behind One Step Closer exactly.

Maybe I forgot something, I just took a rough look.


Also this is just for the Linkin Park times, we don't know for sure if they started to play ITE and OSC at the same in the HT times.

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Not sure if this has already been meantioned but I just remembered it fromm the Sydney summit a year or two back.


A fan stuck her entire 4 fingers into Chester's mouth when he was on the barrier singing Crawl back In during the Jimmy Kimmel performance with Dead By Sunrise.


Edit: I don't think it was Crawl back in now tht I think about it. But I'm 100% sure it was that show.

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I'm not sure if this one was said but:


Brad Delson is Jewish.


and (i've heard) so is Rob


Yeah. Both Rob and Brad are jewish. and so is rick rubin (producer for the past 3 albums) for that matter :P if were staying in the who-is-jewish topic


But i don't think its worth mentioning band members religion

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  • At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, British ice dancers Sinead and John Kerr skated to "KRWLNG".
  • In 2011, magician Dynamo walked across the Thames River during his TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible while the song "KRWLNG" played over it.
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