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Mark Wakefield introduced Mike to his wife:



It was at a party at Brad and Phoenix’s apartment after a Xero show that my friend from Long Beach State, Mark Wakefield, introduced me to the rapper in his band.


That was over fifteen years ago. With passing time comes a loss of memory. I don’t remember if the show was at the Whiskey or the Roxy. I don’t remember what date it was (I know it was in February of 1998). But I do remember Mike Shinoda handing me this tape and leading me around the party by the hand, as if we had been dating for months instead of just meeting that evening.


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"I'm not sure if they're doing it this year, but Brad, our guitarist...his family puts on a charity Christmas dinner that they host at this auditorium," Shinoda explained, "and the homeless are invited. It's basically a dinner for the homeless, and I've always worked at that. Last year we were too busy with the band to do it, but this year I'll be in town and hopefully be able to go help out there again. That's always fun. That's cool every year."


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Linkin Park didn't think too deeply about its name when legal issues forced the sextet to abandon original moniker Hybrid Theory (which became the name of the rap-metal act's first album). The members grabbed the name of nearby Lincoln Park in their home town of Santa Monica, Calif., modified the spelling to secure the Internet domain name, and that was it.


They didn't realize the name would connect them to virtually every city in the country.


"There's been radio stations in Chicago that have said, 'Here's this local band, from Chicago, Linkin Park' — and that's actually been happening all over the country," the band's bassist, Phoenix, said at an interview at the ESPN Sports and Music Awards. "In every major city you go there will be a Lincoln Park that's either a park, or a community. … For a while, everybody thought we were local, like a support act."


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Linkin Park in the soundtrack of sports events:








Q: “i´m from germany and i cant wait to buy the next LP album my question is why do you and chester don´t sing on the new we are the world song for haiti. i mean even justin biber and miley cyrus sings in that song, so i was wondering why they didnt let you guys sing” – sabrina spitzmueller
M: They asked us if we wanted to be on it, and we said “no, thank you.”


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When Chester was 2 years old, he was recorded singing "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner. Source.




Bennington, who had already done hard time with a Phoenix band called Grey Daze, is a charming mix of bullelephant certainty and childlike astonishment. Before [Hybrid Theory]'s release, he made a bet with Myra Simpson, national promotions manager at Warner Bros. "She had a triple-platinum Stone Temple Pilots plaque," says Bennington, a huge STP fan. "She said, 'If you go gold by Christmas, I'll give it to you.' I said, 'Cough it up.'" He laughs. "I was joking."

Sure enough, [Hybrid Theory] was gold by Christmas 2000. "And I got my STP plaque," Bennington says, beaming. He slept with it in his bunk on the tour bus every night. "Nobody touched it."


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FHM: What's the worst rumour you've heard about yourself?
Chester Bennington: That we'd died on a tour bus. I was asleep, some other guy are at a go-kart track some were at a movie and our tour manager was frantically ringing around seeing if we were ok. I had to ring my wife and tell her everything was alright and not to believe that crap. Screwing with our family is not cool!



FHM: What other artists would you like to collaborate with?
Chester Bennington: Ha! Well we kinda wiped out our list of people we wanted to work with in Reanimation, but there's still a few; Bjork, PJ Harvey, Aphex Twin too. But these are all pipe dreams!


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SHOCKHOUND: Is it true that during some of your recent Linkin Park concerts overseas that you performed some Dead By Sunrise songs with your DBS band during the set?




SHOCKHOUND: How did your bandmates in Linkin Park react to the idea of doing this?

It was actually Mike Shinoda's idea. [Linkin Park] weren't going to go on tour, but we released "New Divide" and it kind of blew up, so we decided to do a quick, five-week world tour. That sucked up all of my pre-Dead By Sunrise time to get any touring done, so Mike suggested we play during the encore breaks during some of our shows. I was like, "Really?" I never would've suggested that. I wouldn't want to take the risk of making anybody feel uncomfortable. It would be like saying to your wife, "Hey honey, do you mind if I invite my girlfriend over?" The only difference is that these guys all know that I have this other group, and they're all very comfortable with that and all excited about the record. They like what I'm doing, but a big part of that is because we're all very close friends. Everyone knows where my loyalties lie. Everyone knows that I will not do anything to jeopardize what we have in Linkin Park or take advantage of it. Within that comes a sense of calm, but at the same time I never would've been like, "Hey, can I take these guys out and play during our set?" That would be totally ridiculous.


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It looks like we're going to have a BIG SCREEN PREMIER of LIVE IN TEXAS. regal cinemas is going to team up with us to show the whole thing ONE NIGHT ONLY. in the US, it'll be on november 17th. this is the first time you'll be able to see the band in a theatre, so we're all very excited. and the DVD/CD comes out the next day, in the US on the 18th.

it comes out on the 17th elsewhere, so the screenings in-theatre are different outside the US. we'll post more info in the news section as we get it.


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During the comeback shows of Fort Minor Mike played a song from each studio/remix album of Linkin Park except Meteora:

A Place For My Head, Enth E Nd, Numb/Encore, Hands Held High, Waiting For The End, Until It Breaks, and Castle Of Glass (Remix).


*Not counting The Hunting Party since it was the current album tour.

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