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"Crawl Back In" Video


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"Crawl Back In", the first single from Dead By Sunrise, briefly appeared on their MySpace page today...for those of you who were lucky to catch it, what did you think?


For those of you who didn't happen to be online while it was up, don't worry! Check the Dead By Sunrise MySpace on Tuesday for the WORLD DEBUT of the video! Directed by P.R. Brown, the video is sure to be a hit. Perhaps we can get it in the top 10 playlists of some music stations? MTV, Fuse, VH1, etc?


Reviews of a few people have said that the video was "well put together" as well as "very 'fitting' for the 'rock sound' of Dead By Sunrise". Excited yet?

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LinkinPark.com is lying to us.

Yeah, but i think they never know what happening with the band....just post some official news sometimes, nothing more. I love fan sites much more than the official site. Much more news on fan pages than on linkinpark.com...

And about the video: its a very strange video. I dont know how come together the body pieces and the lyrics...

However its a good video without story or happening :D

a little advise: who will post a link for downloading the video will deserve a 50% warn.

I think you should be posting it with the news...here will be a lot of reply and then they dont see the advise :unsure:

Just Great. I think it is better than any other videos made by LP for MTM.

What about What Ive Done? I think they did a great job with that video. ;) Edited by Poci
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Yup i ripped it. I'm going to upload

Send me it thru a PM please :)


Edit: Sneeky how you done that hahninator :P...such a shame i can't get it cause it ain't working for me :( but cheers for sending me the link anyway lol

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