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  1. Well I never got a email with a code to get it, even though I pre-ordered it. This sucks
  2. Wow, those tickets prices are ridiculous.
  3. You make it sound so easy saying that, which makes me think you're rich, so if you're willing to give me money so I can live somewhere else that's near a place that LP plays, then feel free to do so.
  4. Smarky: You say that its easy for us to travel to Manchester, you are right in that sense, but what if people don't like to travel to shows because they don't have the time, money and/or both to do so, like me. I don't like traveling to shows because I'm going to spend more time traveling to the show than being at the show itself, plus traveling is costing a lot more than a ticket as well, both of which I don't have the time and money to do so.
  5. Come to think about it, I don't even know why I'm bitching about this tour, with only two UK shows & no Scotland date is sight, I don't care about this tour whatsoever now lol. That kind of makes me feel a bit better now.
  6. If they add another german show, there is no doubt they will have to rename the tour to "Germany and the rest of Europe Tour". Also doubt that London will sell out and another show will be added, it won't happen.
  7. Sorry LP, I love your music, but you're dates for this tour takes the absolute piss. I mean only TWO UK shows? Really?
  8. Glasgow, Scotland, SCEE in November 03 Just because I was there and that was my first LP show , but last show in Scotland Also any show from the North American tour in 04, any show from Projekt Revolution in 04 & Summer Sonic shows in 06.
  9. From Hybrid Theory My December Crawling In The End Pushing Me Away From Meteora Somewhere I Belong Easier To Run Breaking The Habit Numb From Minutes To Midnight Leave Out All The Rest Shadow Of Day What I've Done Hands Held High Valentine's Day In Between In Pieces The Little Things Give You Away No Roads Left From A Thousand Suns Burning In The Skies Waiting For The End Iridescent The Messenger From Living Things In My Remains Burn It Down I'll Be Gone Castle Of Glass Roads Untraveled Powerless From The Hunting Party Wastelands Until It's Gone
  10. Ohh ok, I must have missed that part when reading lol, my bad but cheers anyway
  11. Can someone clear this up for me, if you pre-order THP you'll receive HT Live at Download in August, what happens if I've already pre-ordered it before hand? Will I receive it or not since its a different offer than before? Is this a US only deal?
  12. Dude no worries man, I apologise as well but some of it is true. Well technically we're still one country as a whole (UK), just that each section of the same country is a sense a separate country in itself (Scotland, England etc). I get what you mean though and its all good.
  13. All I'm going to say to finish this off is, £10 says it'll never happen.
  14. Not being rude or disrespectful but I find it abit funny when you say "Tons of people are probably wishing they lived where you do", I highly doubt that to be honest. Its more the other way round where it's me wishing I lived where everyone else lives, and I'm not ungrateful. I never said anything of the sort about refusing, I don't need to go to festivals to hear new music and learn about the bands, I do more enough of that from home from friends and other people I talk to. Maybe its alright in the future when I've heard & know about new bands, then go to see them afterwards if I want