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Currently the ranks are:

0 posts - Rick Rubin

15 - Step Up

25 - Roadie

60 - LP-Soldier

200 - Post whore

300 - Harcore Linkin Pants


and so on, I'm not very creative about those things.

If you have some good ideas post them in here and we pick the best ones.


Also I opened the 'Contributors' group again, like we had in the old forums.

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How about this for the rankings?


0 posts - Xero

15 - Nobody's Listening

25 - One Step Closer

60 - It's Going Down

200 - Leave Out All The Rest

300 - Remember The Name


This is just my idea. Something a little more related to LP than "harcore linkin pants". {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif

I feel like the song titles and stuff go pretty well with the ranks. Feel free to use or change if you guys like 'em!

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