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23.07.2009 - Graz, Austria

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Show number three!


Tonight Linkin Park will be playing at the Statdhalle in Graz, Austria for show number three of the summer tour. The last show in Athens brought us only one change to the setlist....Mike rapping 'A Place For My Head' for the first time over the outro to 'Points Of Authority'. Some believe that the band will change the set for today's show, but I believe it'll be the same.


Jonas and I will be at the show of course, so you are welcome to say hey to us. Preferably come to the soundboard area after the show and wait a few minutes...we should be there. Don't be afraid to say hey! I'll be in a black MTM shirt.


Unfortunately I didn't pay extra so I can't use my phone here to update the setlist. It's ok...it will get worked out. Now - on to show number one for us!!!

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have fun you guys, we will be getting the setlist in real time, so don't worry ;)


i believe they will change the set^^


will be the show in graz mybe live streamed? i think the set list is okay for the shows.


no, won't be broadcasted

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so no show will be broadcasted?

Rarely a random show get broadcast... It happens only when it is festival or when the band request for it, something like that...

So don't wait for a broadcast :)



- Luck Mark and Jonas, i hope they play something new there and u guys will be ready to enjoy it a lot :)

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Not sure why they would change the set after not changing it last show, but who knows.


And more importantly, who cares? The band just seems on fire right now, I wish I was going to a show :( Everyone who is going have some fucking fun.

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