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  1. Yeah, that's one of my favorite recordings, it sounds very awesome, and I like even the instrumental songs, which is very unusual in me.
  2. Can someone upload the 24 bit FLAC to Mega please?
  3. I was crying all day yesterday. I don't feel myself much better today, but maybe I can work better. I was listening LP songs all day long - and bought the last album what I don't like, but the purchase was important to me. I wanted to express my honour to Chester somehow, whos musician work I follow in the last 17 years. So, I have all of their album, and all of them are legend to me. And even the last one also - it was his last work... and maybe some of the songs are his last scream: "Help me please, I can't fight my daemons anymore".
  4. I can't say much, I'm completely flummoxed. They were my hero since the 2000's. I grown up on their music, they helped me to carry on the hardest moments in my life, just with their music. I knew that this time will come once, but that soon??? Be your soul Chester peaceful now, and find your eternal happiness!
  5. My dream just came true. I have wote many times in the past in this forum that they must come to Hungary because here are a tons of fan as well but many of them has no money to travel abroad. I saw them in Wrocław first, then in Vienna, but it was important to me that they come here.
  6. I heard it. Backstreet Boys was better. Frankly, I love their good old songs (and some from Britney, so I have listened pop before), but this album is just awful. I can't enjoy the songs, and not because I'm a hardcore metal/rock fan, but because these songs are very-very weak to me (except Battle Symphony which makes me remember on Final Masquerade). Luckily they will play only 6 songs from this album at the Volt Festival. Wait for the next album...
  7. It's pain to hear this song. Maybe the time has come to end the follow of LP.
  8. Blackbird is a really good song and I'm very sad that they won't release the 8bit game to Android or Windows. :-(
  9. I wish I was there, but my salary and unblock the life in Hungary is a piece of laughable BS, me and my wife had to turn back in half-way. :-( Sorry for being such depress a bit, we may can see them in next year...
  10. They must come to Hungary as well as the near countries like Österreich. :-)
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