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Mike Shinoda #HybridTheory20 Unboxing Video


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Linkin Park has posted a new video of Mike unboxing Hybrid Theory 20 for the first time!



Mike confirms "Dialate" (Xero Demo), "Reading My Eyes" (Xero Demo), and "Esaul" (Xero Demo) have Mark Wakefield on vocals. "Begrudgingly, Mark agreed to let us release the songs with his vocals, shout out to him for that." These are 1998 very early studio demos (not Xero tape).

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4 minutes ago, xeroboi said:

What's could had been?

Nobody knows, and Mike doesn’t mention it by name. Given that he specifically singled out which tracks have Mark on vocals, and he DIDN’T include Could Have Been, it’s safe to say it’s a demo with Chester on vocals.

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47 minutes ago, erichoholic2k1 said:

Fingers still crossed that the DVD's are somehow available for purchase outside of the box set. They're the only thing I want, but I can't drop $200 


Mike seemed to hint at stuff being available outside the box on the initial stream when "She Couldn't" came out. I don't know if that would be an iTunes thing or a YouTube type thing. 


One thing I hope is that any video stuff that might get released outside the box take advantage of being HD, where possible. There's been HD rebroadcasts of Rock am Ring, but I think 60% of media sales are still DVD versus BluRay (I still know people who can't play them) and probably would keep the cost of the box down. Digital's a little easier in dealing with that. The fact that the ATS documentary just got uploaded in 1080 makes me a little more optimistic for that possibility.


Also seems like the HTEP is etched on the B-side and features the old HT logo, but I'm worried about how 28 minutes of music on one side of vinyl is gonna translate without being edited. 

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3 minutes ago, Astat said:

I'm confident that it's Mark on vocals on Rhinestone as well and Mike either forgot about it or was thinking of the LPU demo version.

What does make you confident that its going to be Mark on vocals? And another question: what is the earliest version of "Rhinestone" with Chester on vocals? Is it the LPU12 version?

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