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Introducing the LPLive Archive


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Originally created as a live guide, so that traders and collectors of live material would have an accurate source of information about the performance history Linkin Park and their side projects (Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, Stone Temple Pilots, Julien-K, and more), LPLive has expanded over the years to cover the news for the band and to incorporate its own community with over 7,000 members.


It was in June 2008 the site was upgraded to its 3.0 format with the addition of community forums for the first time. Since then, registered users have shared hundreds of live recordings in our Downloads/Requests & Media forum. Not to mention the hard work our staff have put into bringing exclusive live recordings to the community over the years.


The problem many new (and old) members are faced with is that virtual drives are closed and download links expire. In order to remedy that situation, we've decided to create a live audio archive of our own, the LPLive Archive, assembling all those recordings shared within the community as well as a few extras.


All shows are hosted on MEGA and, along with the download links, you will find the original topic where each recording was shared. Keep in mind you won't find any officially released live recording in that page. Due to storage limitations we chose to provide shows only in the highest quality available, meaning there will be a lot of shows you won't find in mp3 format. We ask you kindly not to request mp3 versions of those shows in this thread. Any discussions or requests regarding an specific show should be done in the topic where it was originally shared (do not create new threads for those). We will always try to upload new audio recordings to our YouTube channel for those who don't want to download any files in order to listen to the shows.


It's important to note that, with that many shows coming from so many different sources, it would be impossible (or at least very time consuming) for us to keep consistency in the tags. Some files might not be properly tagged (or not have tags at all). You might also find a few recordings that are not split into tracks. The one thing we did make sure is that every source we uploaded is complete and not corrupted. However, there's always the chance we overlooked something. We ask you to notify us immediately if you find any problem on any show.


Visit the archive here:



Make sure to also visit our Removing Bad Sources From Circulation thread which has been updated with new links.


Below you will find a list of useful tools for audio collectors (all free):
- Pazera Free Audio Extractor: to extract audio tracks from videos without quality loss or to convert audio files.
- Trader's Little Helper: to create or verify checksum files, encode wav files or re-encode flac files.
- FLAC Frontend: to test any flac file without having a checksum.
- Mp3splt: to split mp3 or flac files into tracks or use cue files to do so.
- Mp3tag: to edit tags of your audio files. Works with any format.
- Audacity: to record or edit audio.


In the archive there is a "Discuss" link that links back to this topic. If you find it, send a message to the LPLStaff with the title "LPLive Archive" and, in the content of the message, with which show it is associated (do not post the answer here!). We will send you a small gift in return.


Merry Christmas everyone!

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That's incredible, thank you so much. Any chance of also uploading DVD stuff? I downloaded the Roxy Theatre MP3 but it would be nice to have the DVD files too.


Request it in the video forum for now. We will try to do this project next but it will take a long time due to how many video recordings there are.


No no no u snedned me blootlegs, MSN only NO FTP


(There are approximately three people left on LPLive who will remember this reference)



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A page per year is too much. If the problem is the page being too long, I can add show/hide buttons.

As for updates, isn't this thread enough? (honest question) If you use the forums you'll know when there's a new post here. I know many people access the page through this topic because they don't even know the link can be found here: http://lplive.net/wiki

I agree there should be a more visible link to it somewhere on the main site. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do.

I'd also like to address the requests for video uploads: unfortunately, it's just not feasible to do something like this on MEGA. We'd need something with unlimited space. In my opinion, we should consider helping keep lp-bits by donating. Lexx has done an amazing work on the site and it would be a shame to see all those torrents die.


Added Madrid 2008, Wrocław 2014, Oberhausen 2014, London 2014, Night 1

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Probably a section like.. "latest updates"


The section could be improved i dont like it being so damn huge.. A page per year would be good.

Yes "latest update would be cool.

But maube also separate the page in sections (ht era 2000-2002, meteora era 2003-2005and so on)

Did you have London 2014 night 2? Edited by stich
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A few updates:

  1. Before we went offline, I had added an "updates" section to the page. Unfotunately, our latest backup didn't include that change. Because of how much of a pain in the ass it is to update this page now (after the site upgrade), I won't be bringing it back. If you want to check for updates, simply visit this topic right here.
  2. The link to the LPLive Archive has changed (the main post has been updated with the new link) and you can now find it in the main menu under "Site".
  3. We sent the prizes to the people who've messaged LPLStaff with the right answer. Check your PMs.
  4. Added Miami 2001, Newton 2001Tinley Park 2001 (Source 1), Toronto 2004 (Source 1), Albuquerque 2004Chula Vista 2004Qwerty (Chiba 2006)Wantagh 2014Praha 2017 and STP Rolling Hills Estates 2016.
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