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"Endsession" at Showbox Theater 2001.01.26 (FM)


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Linkin Park kicked off their very first headlining tour in the United States on January 26th, 2001 at the Showbox Theater in Seattle, Washington. Dubbed the "Street Soldier Tour", the tour took the band across the United States for 19 shows in a month, headlining such cities as Seattle, Las Vegas Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC for the first time.


At the first show of the tour, the band debuted a new 13 song setlist, including the first performances of 'High Voltage' (Reprise Version), 'Crawling', and 'Pushing Me Away'. What we do know is that this first tour was full of high-energy shows and the band really had their asses kicked the first few nights, later saying that playing full, headlining setlists was a drastic change from the 30 minute slots they were used to playing prior to 2001!


Up until this point, we thought that the radio station had aired five songs from the headlining performance on 107.7 The End a day or two after the show. However, when our good friend and long time contributor Felipe contacted the station to upload the recording we've been searching for, we discovered that Linkin Park played a five song performance for radio winners BEFORE the show. This is a previously unknown performance! And it means that the live debut of 'Crawling' was actually for radio winners in an exclusive performance before their headlining show later that night.


This also means that the 'Papercut' we posted about in February 2009 allegedly from the December 6th, 2001 Seattle, WA show is really from this session.


26.01.2001 Seattle, WA, Showbox Theatre, 107.7 The End "Endsession"



01. Crawling (Live Debut)

02. Papercut

03. Points Of Authority

04. In The End

05. One Step Closer



mp3 - 320 kb/s (Right click -> Save as...)


Enjoy! Huge thanks to Felipe for getting this for us 10 years later!


Fixed download. Original files directly downloaded from the website, includes the Full Session as well.

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Major thanks to Felipe for this. Awesome fucking find.


And this goes to show what happens when people hoard shit for so long.... Someone has had this recording since 2001 (not Felipe of course) and has refused to share, lol. Glad we finally got it. And got a new show performance out of it!

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You are all welcome!


The most lovely thing on this show is 'how' they sounded as a new and fucking awesome band. It is not mixed and edited all that much as those actual days. You can hear Mike's mic and instrumentals clearly.


Hope we can get more stuff like this always and always!

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Fixing the LPL download in a moment.

All fixed now.


So everyone please download the mp3 version again and DELETE the flac version.


Also the Full Session is 1 minute longer than the individual songs. There's a short speech by Chester for example between POA and In The End. There's another speech betweet ITE and OSC when they screw up the start of the song. One Step Closer is slightly longer after the song as well.

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