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Linkin Park Thursday Promo


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As I'm sure everyone knows, the long wait is over for new Linkin Park music. The band's new single 'Heavy' featuring Kiiara is out tomorrow at 7 A.M. PST, and Mike will be heading over to KROQ to help premiere the song on radio.


The song will be playing on KROQ all day tomorrow most likely, but you may hear it for the first time ever if you tune in at around 7 AM PST. Mike will be joining the talk show to talk about the single at 7:15 AM PST (click here to check your timezone), so if you're interested in hearing some insight on the song (though, at this point, what don't we know about it?), be sure to tune in.


The entire band has been on the talk show before, performing songs in the past for listeners. The first performance on the show was in 2007, when the band performed a few songs as a rehearsal set in front of a few lucky fans while they prepared for their Projekt Revolution tour. Songs in that set included 'What I've Done,' 'Leave Out All The Rest,' and the piano version of 'Pushing Me Away,' which had to be stopped and restarted due to Mike making a mistake! The band returned in 2010, where their set on the show was the first performance on the A Thousand Suns touring cycle. The set featured the live debuts of 'The Catalyst,' 'Waiting For The End,' and 'Iridescent.' A crowd was present here, too, and the band had a Q&A session in between a few songs.


Watch the band perform 'The Catalyst' live for the first time on the Kevin & Bean show in 2010.


It seems only Mike will be visiting KROQ, so it's unlikely we'll see the band perform and live songs. But that may come later in the day, as the band has plans for a livestream on Facebook at 12:10 PM PST - get all the information you need for that here. It's looking like the band has been rehearsing pretty extensively for the past week or so, so we can expect at least a few songs to be performed - namely the live debut of 'Heavy.'


EDIT: It seems Mike will be making a variety of other appearances throughout the morning. He'll be on 102.5 KISS-FM at some point in the morning, as well as on the Zach Sang Show during the show's second hour. It is possible that these appearances will be pre-recorded.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our Facebook page to keep updated on this! If Mike shares any interesting information, we'll be sure to let you know.

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- Zane Lowe texted Mike and introduced him to Kiiara, who said her favorite band was Linkin Park. She came in after the song was written.

- The lead writers for Linkin Park are Mike and Brad. On this album, they brought in more artists to help with the songwriting process.

- Mike says The Hunting Party was the most successful touring cycle for the band in their career.

- As soon as the touring cycle for THP ended, Mike wanted to immediately work on creating new Linkin Park music.

- Mike mentions he wanted to learn how other songwriters create songs. The session in London in Sept 2015 started this learning process.

- Linkin Park met with 30-40 songwriters during this album process. It was one at a time, not a competition.

- Linkin Park is more than capable of writing their own songs (of course), but they wanted to change it up and write with others this time.

- #HeavyLP sounds like the rest of the album #OneMoreLight

- As mentioned before, the songs started with vocals first - a new idea for LP. Story first, hook second, then music.

- Mike has been discussing writing songs with other artists since the collaborative process for the new LP album went so well.

- #OneMoreLight is the first album released by LP named after a song on the album.

- The song One More Light is a sad song about a friend of the band dying from cancer. "Through loss, let people know you care."

- Re: Fans possibly not liking new music..."We've done this before. ATS was a polarizing album too. We evolve."

- Mike did more singing on this album. He enjoys singing next to Chester seven days a week. People will be blown away by Chester's vocals.

- Mike already wants to remix some songs from this album. He recorded rap verses, "they'll show up at some point." Not much rap on album.

- The album touring cycles for Linkin Park will continue to be around 18 months. They will not tour extensively like the old days.

- "There are surprises up our sleeves for the new Linkin Park record #OneMoreLight." -Mike
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Some of this news is cool, some not. I'm slightly disappointed that there won't be much rap on the album, but I'll still love it. MTM had very little rap and is an amazing album regardless.


Mike mentioning wanting to remix several dogs already makes me think they'll continue with the "instrumentals and acapellas" thing, which for this album particularly should be amazing to listen to.

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One More Light makes me think about a mix of Symphonies of Light vs The Little Things

Im very worried that this album won't have screaming.

I would think there's at least one song. At the very least an outro or a bridge, or something that includes screaming. Even ATS had Blackout, and that song shared an album with The Messenger and BITS. I think they could definitely work screaming into at least one song. Edited by Justin
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The fuck gives you the idea that there "won't be much Chester singing?"


The fact that there will likely be a shit ton of guests and the fact that Mike said he is singing a lot on this album? I don't even really give a fuck, though. I definitely don't give enough of a fuck to argue about it. I'll just listen to other bands and artists that I enjoy instead.

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