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XVLP: Linkin Park + Complex (#HybridTheory15)


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The band's plans for the 15th anniversary of Hybrid Theory are finally coming to light. In a new collaboration with Complex, Linkin Park will be collaborating with a series of brands to create some apparel reminiscent of Hybrid Theory's artwork.


The band is collaborating with six brands for this series: A Bathing Ape, CLOT, The Hundreds, The Seventh Letter, Brooklyn Projects, and RVCA. Each item will be released on certain dates throughout the month of November, the first collaborating (with A Bathing Ape) coming out on November 3. Each design will only be available for a limited time - if you see something you like, be sure to grab it ASAP!





November 3, 2015: A Bathing Ape vs. Linkin Park

November 5, 2015: CLOT vs. Linkin Park

November 10, 2015: The Hundreds vs. Linkin Park

November 12, 2015: The Seventh Letter vs. Linkin Park

November 17, 2015: Brooklyn Projects vs. Linkin Park

November 19, 2015: RVCA vs. Linkin Park


Watch the short video below as Mike & Joe explained about the project. New apparel will be released on the days above, each being something special commemorating 15 years of Hybrid Theory!



Who's planning on buying some new merch? It's definitely an unexpected way of celebrating the album, but no complaints here! The band will be wrapping up The Hunting Party touring cycle this weekend in Tempe, Arizona at the Monster Mash festival, before playing two more shows: one in Anaheim, closing out BlizzCon, and the second honoring Steve Aoki's efforts with Music For Relief at Relief Live!. For updates on Linkin Park (and updates on the upcoming merch), follow us on Twitter.

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Here's a link to the page on linkinpark.com


I have to admit, when I got an email titled "Announcing XVLP‏" I thought it was announcing the LPU15 CD, and got really hyped for a minute


I thought the same thing actually. However this is not so bad.


I would love to buy something from this merch but I am sure it will be expensive. And if not the merch, the shipping will kill me.

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This is a strange way of celebrating an album, but it goes along with the band wanting to collaborate with more companies, etc for products. A Bathing Ape is fantastic and I have the shirt from Asia 2013. I'm sure their product will be quality this time. I don't know if I'll buy any of this, but you never know. We'll have to see what it looks like.

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What a great way to celebrate #hybridtheory15. Christmas came early this year.

I might buy them if I like but I've a question to make.

Since I don't think that they're gonna be avaiable through amazon, anybody know if it's safe to buy something from LP store outside of US?

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Not a huge fan of the Clot one. The logo looks like CLPT, with the LP 2007 logo in the middle (long after Hybrid Theory).

This isn't just hybrid stuff tho it's everything from hybrid all the way to now. Mike even says this in interview. But yea not to keen on the clot one I'll see what other ones look like

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