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2014.06.05 - Wrocław, Poland - Stadion Miejski

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On June 5th, Linkin Park plays the fourth show of their European Tour at Stadion Miejski in Wrocław, Poland! This will be the band's third show in Poland and it will be the third different city they've played in there. In 2007, they opened for Pearl Jam in Chorzów and they returned in 2012 to play Warsaw's Orange Warsaw Festival. 2014 makes it the second straight European Tour that has come to Poland. Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland, so it is nice to see the band playing in different cities throughout the country. Something funny that happened at the 2012 show is that the band mistakenly skipped New Divide in the setlist during the show; there is an LPUTV episode about this.


Linkinpark.pl will be doing a few flashmobs at this show and has made a flag to hang on the stage for the band. This is a very rough Google translation, but my favorite part of their show post is, "The fact that during the performance did not stand motionless like a peg probably do not need reminding."


At the last show in Moscow, Mike changed up a verse on his solo medley and incorporated verse one of When They Come For Me, which replaced the verse from the Skin To Bone remix on Recharged. Perhaps this will give Mike (and fans) some ideas for upcoming shows in terms of other verses he could do. We will see! Both Russian shows were a big success for the band, who drew very large crowds and were visibly very energetic on stage. All of the small technical difficulties in the set seem to have been fixed and the band is settling into their groove nicely now in Europe. Brad's back injury should be better soon as well, but thankfully he didn't have to cancel any shows.



Here is a full video of the Moscow show by FLAME-XIII, the same person that recorded video of the Moscow and St. Petersburg 2012 shows, as well as Moscow shows in 2007 and 2011. This brings up a fact that I want to mention... both Russian shows have several sources for recordings that are already coming out. That's impressive. In an era with no DSPs, we encourage anyone and everyone who can record the band to try to make an active effort in doing so. We know that Poland, Germany and Download are covered on this tour, leaving only Italy and Switzerland without tapers. We of course will be sharing download links, etc as soon as recordings pop up and we are working on obtaining full sources from Russia right now. Our media section of the forum is where everything will be posted.


After this show, Linkin Park plays Rock am Ring on the 7th and Rock im Park on the 8th. Rock am Ring will be webcasted and shown on television, which is a big breakthrough... We are guessing this has to do with no DSPs and the band deciding that they can webcast more shows now. For a full list of the 2014 tour dates, click here.


If you have something to submit to a 2014 show page, please let us know! We are still needing tickets, posters, etc for a few shows in Europe.

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According with some news, the tickets sales were bad :(

News from where? Source?



Well don't believe in this. The place where tickets are not selling fast enough may be the seats in front of the stage at the back of the stadium. Not to mention promoters often add more and more tickets to the pool just to get some extra sales. At a 45k stadium there should be at least nearly 30k people. Is this bad?



On the topic: This show will be epic :3 Someone has to beat Russia and their flashmobs right? Hah :P Not to mention other cool things that will occur few days after the show ;) See you tomorrow! :P

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According with some news, the tickets sales were bad :(


According which news? Source?


There will be ~30k people *.*

I will be at this show too.


This is a small preview of very big flag, which "will go" through Golden Circle at first verse of "Guilty All The Same".




Ps.: sorry for my bad english


30k? Really? I hope that they will be more energetic than crowd (whole crowd!) in Warsaw 2012. And louder sound.

PS: Nice flag, thumbs up.


Tomorow, yeah! Europe!

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Are you kidding me?! The crowd in Warsaw was freakin' sick! http://youtu.be/TSGu2fhyZ9c?t=1h1m57s

And the band was very impressed as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_zBxN8xsRU


Yes, I know, I saw it, but only golden circle etc. I was on the central tribune and no one there would not rise. All guys sat there in silence. Who stood up, he was sitting on by others. And... same situation in Germany, in Czech: all people at all tribunes we standing screaming and singing. Thats all. This time I stand (płyta).

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This is a very rough Google translation, but my favorite part of their show post is, "The fact that during the performance did not stand motionless like a peg probably do not need reminding."

Pretty hard to get the meaning, here is my suggestion how it should be translated: To not stand motionless like a peg, we don't have to remind about


I don't know, are mobile phones of today able to record a concert? Or does it sound like shit?

It was recorded by a Samsung too:

For me it doesn't like shit.

What you should care more about is, if your phone will be able to stand recording that long before the battery goes empty

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Bad sales are probably caused by the prices of the tickets. When Linkin Park played at Orange Warsaw Festival the tickets cost about 90zł which is like $30 and there were no special sections like GC so you could technically make your way through the crowd and get really close to the stage. Now the tickets are about 280zł for the Golden Circle which is about $90. And I know that $90 might look like a normal price tag for the ticket but well, for some people at Poland this price tag is like ok if you are a big fan. I hope that there actually will be enough people so that Brad won’t have to say again before entering the stage how empty it is. And that we manage to impress that band again like in Warsaw.


And the fact that the tickets are about $20 more expensive than they were at the System of a Down concert at Łódź bothers me because I think that both of the concerts were arranged by the same company/ies and at the SOAD there was a really not cool thing when it turned out that the GC section is actually half of the size of the stand probably because the sales of the tickets for GC hit high at the first day. It originally was supposed to be more like the size of the one for tomorrow http://instagram.com/p/o1WApcshYN/

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proshot or something like St. Petersburg's stream?

this site doesn't expain too much;

for the moment it's streaming only advertisment, so we've to wait & see

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