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New Exclusive on May 22nd


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We were fortunate enough to have been given access to an unreleased proshot video of Linkin Park performing on Jimmy Kimmel in August 2003, just after the end of Summer Sanitarium. The band performed eight songs for the rowdy crowd (including Faint and Numb, which were broadcasted on TV).


Here's Lying From You:


We'll post the DVD on the 22nd (which gives us some time to work out some more of these site bugs from the launch). See you then!

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I'm not sure if it's safe to upload JKL 2003 on Youtube, because of Disney's copyright rules, and I'm also surprised at the quality of the Proshot for some reason


It's not a master DVD from the source. It's unfortunately a little blurry. We can put a song or two up until it gets taken down by copyright or whatever. Screw it.


This is what we have - take it or leave it :P If anyone has the full show, feel free to upload it or post it or send it to us or do what you want with it.

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So lying from you, somewhere i belong, don't stay, faint, numb. What are the rest? I hope they played from the inside. That song kicked so much ass live 2003-2004.


I guess they didn't start playing breaking the habit yet at that time?


EDIT: My guesses for the 3 remaining songs are


1. one step closer

2. in the end

3. papercut


What did i win?

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