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A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (Linkin Park x Steve Aoki)


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Here's what Chester was referring to in the Yahoo Music interview two days ago:


Mike: "We just played a brand new song, A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES - @SteveAoki and @LinkinPark at #SummerSonic! #LPRecharge"


Posted Image


In regards to the song, someone asked when he started to collaborate with Steve:

"Steve and I met up like a year ago, maybe more. It happened pretty organically, just shooting ideas back and forth. #LPRecharge". Wretches & Kings.net asked him if the whole band is involved and he said, "It is a Linkin Park & Steve Aoki collaboration. #LPRecharge" He added: "We are only planning to perform it when we are with Steve. it's a collaboration. #LPRecharge"



- ALTNC will not be available through iTunes.

- ALTNC includes Mike rapping, Chester singing the chorus, and an EDM drop.

- ALTNC will be available sometime in the future, but not tonight.

- ALTNC will not be a part of the next Linkin Park album.

- ALTNC must be unlocked through the LP Recharge game.


Video #1: http://instagram.com/p/c1bHIqq-Hn/

Video #2: http://instagram.com/p/c1bz4zC4WF/?igref=ogexp

Video #3: http://instagram.com/p/c1bGYUn6_k/

Video #4: https://vine.co/v/hhwLtEZznzU

Video #5: http://instagram.com/p/c1fxvxpxwQ/

Video #6: https://vine.co/v/hhd5nwKQiMB

Video #7: http://instagram.com/p/c1hP-_vaA5/

Video #8: http://instagram.com/p/c1hMLzPaA0/


Good video:


HD, full video:


Studio version (official lyric video:



Part 1

Part 2

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So is it Steve Aoki ft. Linkin Park then or Linkin Park ft. Steve Aoki? Also it's starting to seem like its a LPRecharge/Power The World single rather that the lead single off the new album.

I think it's just "Steve Aoki x Linkin Park". Just like other artist did. I bet this is a soundtrack/official track for LP Recharge (i'm guessing based on the title). lol


Another video Mike and Chester:


Already posted on the main post. but thanks. :)

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Mike has really 'upped' his rapping recently, a lot faster and tighter.


I think this might be an indication to the next album (which is exciting).

I really want to quote this post when the new album comes out. ;)
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Found the Vine link. already updated Main Post. :)

You're faster as me, it's your problem. :P


This is a non issue but I wonder if Mike just typed the song that way for emphasis, or if they're sticking with the all caps.

I don't like it too.
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Are they gonna release the studio version, or will it just be a part of the game?

Probably part of the game:


It seems the song won't made it into iTunes. We need to unlock it through LP Recharge.

All these info are from Mike answers on twitter.

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