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  1. interesting, well better for those who said it was too expensive
  2. lol true, just hope somethings not missing. i guess ill find out. Just ordered it
  3. Amazon now has the super deluxe for $176.99 U.S, i had it in my cart till i got paid ( today) so i can pre order and noticed the price drop. anyone know why?
  4. just an FYI i chatted with Amazon ( U.S) and asked about the super deluxe box set and they said it comes with everything pictured and the download of all audio. I did ask how the download is delivered but they did not have the answer to it. Not to mention on Amazon you get free shipping ( i have Prime) and on the linkin park web site its $9.99 to ship. hope this helps with some people who were wondering like myself
  5. just checked the site and the price is down to $199.98 U.S. for the super deluxe box set good thing i waited to pre order, it was at $264 and some change earlier today.
  6. well i just pre ordered it, wont be out till December 8 , 2020.
  7. nice find, love the instrumentals . hopefully someone has some more on these
  8. links on reddit are dead, anyone know where i can download it at?
  9. good stuff, thanks for sharing!
  10. lol exactly what i thought about it on vinyl. did some google searches but not much came up plus it said it was released last year (2/9/2018). Also in very fine print at the bottom it says "unauthorized" so its probably just fan made or something. I'm pretty interested to see how the instrumentals sound
  11. ya you're right. Still a crappy thing to when Chester and LP have established a name for themselves. Either way Chester brushed it off and continued like a bad @ss.
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