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  1. this was a great read, i pre ordered mine from Amazon and got it when it released.
  2. if this is a way for you to get youtube subs....im in
  3. interesting, well better for those who said it was too expensive
  4. lol true, just hope somethings not missing. i guess ill find out. Just ordered it
  5. Amazon now has the super deluxe for $176.99 U.S, i had it in my cart till i got paid ( today) so i can pre order and noticed the price drop. anyone know why?
  6. just an FYI i chatted with Amazon ( U.S) and asked about the super deluxe box set and they said it comes with everything pictured and the download of all audio. I did ask how the download is delivered but they did not have the answer to it. Not to mention on Amazon you get free shipping ( i have Prime) and on the linkin park web site its $9.99 to ship. hope this helps with some people who were wondering like myself
  7. just checked the site and the price is down to $199.98 U.S. for the super deluxe box set good thing i waited to pre order, it was at $264 and some change earlier today.
  8. well i just pre ordered it, wont be out till December 8 , 2020.
  9. nice find, love the instrumentals . hopefully someone has some more on these
  10. links on reddit are dead, anyone know where i can download it at?