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  1. links on reddit are dead, anyone know where i can download it at?
  2. good stuff, thanks for sharing!
  3. lol exactly what i thought about it on vinyl. did some google searches but not much came up plus it said it was released last year (2/9/2018). Also in very fine print at the bottom it says "unauthorized" so its probably just fan made or something. I'm pretty interested to see how the instrumentals sound
  4. ya you're right. Still a crappy thing to when Chester and LP have established a name for themselves. Either way Chester brushed it off and continued like a bad @ss.
  5. Just ran into this at Best Buy, any info on it? Doesn't say much about the album. Just thought id share. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/history-of-linkin-park-tribute-album-lp-vinyl/33721636.p?skuId=33721636
  6. one of my favorite songs on the album, thanks for the info
  7. just looked it up. crowd seemed pretty lame as well (at least during this song)
  8. Hello all, just thought i'd share some pretty cool news that LP's Numb is nearing 1 billion views on Youtube. I've been following it for a few months now and its steadily rising.
  9. great episode. glad to see that LP is a fan of our sport (MMA)

    AXS TV!

    dont see anything about streaming it Live on the web, just on the actual channel. maybe justin tv will have it? (just google justin tv)
  11. they also played Privilege in the WoodLands Tx 8-28-12 good show by Incubus
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