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  1. How is it controversial? People just can't move on when the band clearly has, I'm glad they did. The new one is far superior and fits the idea they had behind the album. This new mix is massive and I'm excited what new roads the band will take, I was wondering what the 2002 would be I thought it was a acoustic or a rough idea. As for those still living in the past let them. Who cares honestly.
  2. Exactly, 2002 feels empty, whoever made this new mix really Nailed it.
  3. I retract my last statement. Apart from the completed songs, A6, easier to run and Faint are probably the only demo songs that are good, the rest will get old. I get what they meant when they said most of it was crap, and I agree, although this just shows that the diehard metal head fans are just a otp and their poppier and mellow songs like resolution and massive deserved more but they couldn't do much in that time. Ya know cus their fans are metal heads who want hybrid theory 1 2 3... What a waste these songs are awesome.
  4. Cuidado was such a headache to listen especially with the electronic beep boop that reminds me of epileptic techno strobe music. Apart from that the album was good. But it'll be forgotten (zing) in a week or so.
  5. Only people who truly feel like Mike at the time could've sang like him, on this song, being a natural is one thing, words that mean to you. That's the core of singing. Although the breakdown could've been better (sounds like another average nu metal solo) the bridge and the chorus, the melody of it is phenomonal. I was wondering where I could find tracks like no roads left and this is it. And easier to run, the instrumentals is mental its Sooooo fucking good. But like limp bizkit their demos are too mellow oriented and pretain to their future selves and I guess they had to dumb it down for the label or record. I'm leaning on the label.
  6. There won't be another box set. They have underground for that.
  7. Exactly, first up all the nameless demos and what became of them, like nocturnal and serpent.
  8. Yeah that's true lmao. The only guy who literally wants that one joke song that the band showed once in that one making of is the same guy who I don't know, doesn't need to say it every chance they get while also shitting on the bands actual good records like a thousand sun's for being "poppy shit" so really I have no idea what you're talking about. Actually now that an old article came up saying "nocturnal" is an eclectic track like breaking the habit, I really wonder what that is like.
  9. All these wild assumptions, just wait 4 more days ffs and Y'all see what you're chipping in. Personally and I'm interested. Someone should ask after album launch what nocturnal and serpent is really. And to be honest people wanting a joke song as a holy grail.... My god. Oh yeah before forget to mention, someone should definitely get the stems from Meteora and apply them to the demo songs, for example easier to run. It's edgy but good, I'll never understand why hit the floor and nobody's listening got the privilege to be on the album. Yeah Meteora is a meh record, somewhere I belong, Faint, breaking the habit were all solid songs, the rest is just to appease the fans and is a continuation of what they did. I'll never understand why they dropped off healing foot.
  10. It's not about going against Mark, they have similar tastes but it all comes down to consistency and vocal talent is just another way of saying being able to let out the repressed thought and emotions, obviously it's a natural born gift but it doesn't match up to emotion. And yes Mark doesn't have that. he sounds like a mid 90s philly alt-rock band vocalist. Next holy grail? Shit we'll just wait and see about lpu first. I'm more interested in the demo CD's Jeff blue had. Those look complete at least, we get deftest and it's gonna be forgotten (zing!) the very next day. I mean seriously, how briandead do you have to be when even the band themselves think they're trashy "Look here's the rapping part, here's the rock part" like I said, Jeff blue showcased those CDs and they more to offer to us. Since nu metal bands at the time had more mellow pop oriented tracks but scrapped in favor for the trends at the time. But I'll admit p o i n t I l l I s m Is very peculiar. Definitely interesting.
  11. Agreed. Who gives a rats ass? Obviously people who spend 70 hours a week online spewing out their bullshit when no one irl would care to listen. Besides it's only a trend, a month from now who cares? As long as Mike keeps making Linkin Park it's all good.
  12. I don't know how to delete quotes. Whatever. Healing foot is the demo we've all been waiting for really, and is the best among what we got
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