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  1. When you realise the forgotten demos only had 4 unreleased tracks..
  2. I will state the terms which ever country you're in I will go there I have a snippet of all the songs in for tasting and vocal tracks if you still don't believe if you wish to make the deal I will explain the terms 2 days later this deal is off and I will sell this cd to a pirate collector do not ask for any more of the tracks or names I've stated enough dm if you wish to buy
  3. Look if you're serious about buying it dm me ill state the terms I only decided to sell it because I need the money fast the offer stands till 14th June if not you'll never see any meteora songs again I can post pone untill 15 This is the closest anyone's going to get to these songs I chose lp forums because I thought dedicated fans would buy it I say again all the details are here don't try to squeeze anymore or I won't reply to dm s dm if you're serious about purchasing
  4. I thought you guys might be happy that there's still demos floating around the dark webs and you might be happy you can still get them unlike waiting for them to release more which is very unlikely The first song title is called delirium 0:23 introlude which turns into a song very similar to faint based on whats on the cover they scrapped it almost immediately since they thought it was repetitive one of the other is shinkansen or just kansen idk they changed it 3 times there was a.06 but another demo called a.07 which was more instrumental referably krwlng cello sitar and heavy bas
  5. You know I can't even if I dm you it's not my ass on the line people could lose jobs why do you think Mike says "ill be on the lookout for any demos" but never actually mentions them it's their intellectual property and one miscalculation could lead to Fraudery and espionage, and all the above, because on the cd there's names on them which I can't release I'm sorry I'm sure even Mike wouldn't risk his ass just for some samplers to be leaked well I could say the name of the first track because its really just a snippet like foreword
  6. what is it hard to believe? i have a snippet of the interlude of meteora which was replaced by foreword as a transition you would be surprised how much there is to uncover if you do a bit of research some dedicated fans have them but not sharing them doesent mean theyre lying in all honesty i was pretty lucky since they were excited and decided to share
  7. I have 27 of meteora songs that were unreleased a friend of mine who was a friend of a executive at that time at given me some demos And I got to say all of them are instrumental for reason of most of them downright had terrible lyrics and some that didint fly Some of them are cool but like %30 of them is dark toned which I really enjoyed