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  1. MAN,I dn've such a huge hard disk to keep downloading these 5,5 gb concerts,I'll manage somehow for 2gb,is it on youtube too? will youtube one will be changed?in case of quality? deleted a movie,downloading second source,really high speed download,thankyou 200+kbps
  2. Taiwan setlist 01:Don't stay 02:Lost in the echo 03:With you 04:Blackout 05:No more sorrow 06:In my remains 07:Somewhere I belong 08:Easier to run 09:Until it breaks/Waiting for the end 10:In pieces 11:Powerless 12:Shadow of the day 13:Roads untravelled 14:Little things give you away 15:The catalyst 16:Burn it down 17:Bleed it out/APFMH 18:In the end 19:Figure 09 20:One step closer
  3. Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong ,best performance of "BURNING IN THE SKIES".Great crowd
  4. lplive's fb? or lp fb? if it's LP official page,then I'm out.I've exams,I d want to waste my time there lol
  5. andone's answer is somehow cool,helped me
  6. muwhahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahaha epic
  7. what if chineese govt say,come & play "When they come for me"
  8. Why DBS never performed "Give me your name"? p.s tell me,what exactly "Brad" whispered in "mike"'s ear before APFMH Live @ RAR 2004,I was watching the show,RAR used to be so awesome
  9. sheeeeeeeeet,I forgot to watch
  10. Why I never ...... Why I play....... pushing me..... come back you juicy song
  11. happy birthday

  12. Hi there,I want to know about every single guitar LP has,or brad has...most I wanna know is about Brad's collection,so if you've their names or even if you've pics,please share them here...every single guitar & if there is any guy out there who can tell the song name too that when the guitar is used live in a song etc.thankyou
  13. do everything,but I dn want any "ad" ticking here all day like other sites,blackout theme,the way "replying comment" looks like on LPA,I'd prefer lpl's comment section,& I dn think there are "rules",they abuse & post 10000 posts on daily basis,I mean "comments",what I want to say is,limit ppl to avoid adding extra comments like "ok",good",hm,nice,haaha",I was warned when I was doing such things by Lgraham,which was a good move,appreciated..
  14. I want a break,I dn want him to go there & then come home after singing a song along with an award
  15. I'll wait fro the next then,APFMH opener
  16. Hi there,I want to list some venues LP has performed till today,list your most fav venues LP has ever performed & the places you hate they performed,or you want LP to perform there in future if they haven't already,also mention some places whom PROSHOT never came up & you still have a wish to watch proshot performance of band from that venue.... mine are here Rock am Ring Rock im Park Paris,Bercy France(Proshot ) MSG Rock in Rio Download Sonisphere Summer Sonic Reading Madrid,Spain Wembley Stadium (Wish them to perform)
  17. 2014 Tour set 01:Intro/Don't stay 02:Given up 03:Victimized/Qwerty 04:Lying from you 05:Points of authority 06:No more sorrow 07:Easier to run 08:Jornada/Waiting for the end 09:Numb / Breaking the habit(piano outros,slower tone performance) 10:Roads untraveled 11:Medley 12:Powerless 13:Little things give you away 14:Pushing me away(piano) 15:The messenger 16:What I've done Or New divide (w/ 2009's intros) 17:In my remains 18:Catalyst 19:I'll be gone 20:In the end encore---------- 21:Bleed it out / APFMH 22:Figure 09 23:One step closer 24:Faint
  18. as I'm running out of space,I can get just one show,tell me yourself,which show is kick a**?just pick one for me,you did a fantastic job mate
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