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  1. well,not dying for album,want them to perform songs from LT live
  2. errrm msg 2011,it's not a correction but I want to add something,when mike let crowd sing his part of in the end,because of that chester skipped "got so far" & sung "it's so unreal"
  3. New divide>From the inside What I've done>Little things give you away / Powerless Papercut> I'll be gone
  4. Yes no electronic thing,give brad delson the guitar please!!! "coldplay's guitarist is so famous & our fans say as @joze said."who is brad delson"? let him play,we wanna rock in concerts.....let him play,u guys can have a chat w/ his tech?what are they doing w/ his guitar? well,leave it,get back to the topic,remove electronic parts,mix of H.T,MTM & L.T so what do you think about "guitar solos" ? like other old bands,their guitar solos are awesome
  5. petition was completed w/ Lp in poland petition,I'm eye witness.LP went to poland,not in india.why?no one knows
  6. the what is the problem man???????yes I know your fb page has a huge fan base 20k ppl if attend the concert,it's ok I think,is someone contacting w/ band to give dates?
  7. As we all know,LP has been creating awesome music since day 1, & as you know they're getting older day to day, you've to perform live many times in a year,what kind of music will LP create?Again like "Given up/victimized"? or they will create music like "Iridescent,Little things give you away,waiting for the end etc",what do you think?your idea about "how they should make songs for new record" Do you want more Given up stuff?Or you want band to make those songs,which they can perform live? Take "Pink floyd" ,their last show was at 02 arena,UK,They've awesome music which they ca
  8. again it's the same prob,will ppl buy the ticket?it's a question by organizer
  9. disagree,a soccer stadium or even a cricket stadium can be used,prob is w/ country's concert organizers,they can't pay huge amount to band,also security prob to a crew of 50+ppl.If govt. gets involved,then security issue gets lost,now it's on organizers,they get sponsors or not,ticket buyers or not
  10. I just want an awesome audio of "Faint" & "What I've done" from this show,but audio quality never got better than video's
  11. click on the title of torrent,like lp-bits,I downloaded from DIME,quick download,& show is really awesome,chester was great in Given up,faint's outro also sounded awesome, & from the inside yeah,awesome show
  12. no,he's not fan,the guy w/ beard ,he's in crew
  13. who is the guy on whose arm mike is drawing something?What's his job?he was standing at corner in maxidrom show,can be seen on qwerty95k's video of show,he works w/ pooch or what?
  14. awesome LPTV,very funny too,jim didn't say a word haha,one thing more they showed in the LPTV how difficult is for crew to setup the stage in short time,thiscrew is the best f'ing crew in the world
  15. I downloaded the show yesterday,will watch today ,a concert goer said it was a sick show,let's see
  16. it's a 2MB DSL connection & in our country,we never get what we pay for.......200kbps for torrent is very fast ,if you 700+kbps download speed,you'll have to spend $100/month,1$=100 PKR ....Our currency is also v down,inflation bla bla.this company never gave me a good speed like this before,however a USB internet is good,sometimes it gets 400+kb......depends on how much you spend on internet connection,I pay 2500 rupees / month,25USD
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