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  1. My english is not so good,but I can speak my own language like an aussie speaking english. this "Most users ever online was 6,433 on Dec 30 2013, 04:25 PM" well,it's weird,but why it's not like this way? Most users ever online "were" 6,433 on Dec 30 2013, 04:25 PM there's a lot of convo going here too. use simple & clear words please,just one person who knows how to explain it in easier way.thankuyou
  2. sorry indians.... ahhhhhhhhhhh,I'm feeling sorry for them
  3. their(crowd) mouths are just opened,wonder why don't they sing ......new divide performance was very bad
  4. Alibi - 30STM there's no song LP can cover by pink floyd,it won't suit to chester's voice or even mike's voice
  5. Happy birthday

  6. Nobody's listening Figure 09 In between Wretches & kings Lost in echo
  7. say anna happy birthday from me mike & I want to marry you & chester & rob & brad & dave & joe & & & linkinpark. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Seriously if I had a chance to ask him directly,I'd've asked "are you going to create some music which fans will love to see in future?I mean let rob play more on drums,let brad give a long instrumental thing,I mean long duration songs with more "instruments" used thing....or just cover some songs by old bands,f the genre
  8. 1:APFMH (Long intro.outro) 2,3:Cure for the itch/Don't stay 4:By myself 5:Forgotten 6:Points of authority 7:Crawling(krwlng msg 2008) 8:PMA (Summer sonic '06) 9:Runaway 10:With you 11;In the end 12:Papercut 13:One step closer(Reanimation one,R&R '04)
  9. ban me if you want to,HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT This is unbelievable ....I'm so f'ing happpppy
  10. maybe it's the same band,no I realize I mixed two bands,1st one is 30STM I guess,rahul sethi is a fan of that band..... red hair guy band is someone else,but this is not that song.....thanks for help,I'm going to search thanks andone fr the hint ,thanks skipees
  11. there's band whose singer has red hair,I don't know the name of that band haaaaa.....few months ago their video was released in which animals were also filmed dn think so it's green day or maroon 5 damn it I can't remember their name of band,there's also a live video song by them,in which singer is performing live at different venues.kind of live single
  12. Mike Shinoda said on the @AskAnythingChat that @joehahnLP directed the ALTNC music video and it's all in 3D. Coming soon! Mike also talked about the new album; LP are hoping to have it out next year. And will probably be announcing tour at some point next year. cc @M.S.C
  13. & why british bands are so famous? Pink floyd,The beatles,coldplay so on still coldplay gets huge crowd response than LP,dnno what's wrong w/ us.crowd sings every single song
  14. in U.K,Coldplay plays in every single f'ing soccer stadium,why not LP?
  15. I'm still ok w/ this album,they haven't performed the whole album,new album in july-august'd be awesome.I want to watch'em performing countries they haven't performed the most!
  16. I can't play anymore,asks for crystals.....
  17. no,it was auditor's fault,"PLaintiff's plea" is "I was terminated because of auditor's fault,& auditor's intention to get him terminated was involved,so auditor will be held responsible,as it's "not by mistake",in some cases,even if auditor is at mistake,he can be sued,prison+fineauditor will have to face 2 cases,if I'm understanding the situation right, #1 False report(the contract thing,getting low royalty as compared to old contract (Responsible to LP) #2: due to his false statement,a person was terminated(responsible to "hayes) if he got sued,his auditor certificate will be canc
  18. while reading,I thought I'm the only one...seriously,I couldn't understand the whole paragraph This,auditor lied.......that's what I read in graduation,& I'm 110% sure,he'll be sued.because in this profession,nobody listens to you if you're an auditor,& these auditors are mostly liars,so wtb "Hayes"?what do you think,if he wins the case,will band say sorry to him?or etc?
  19. so all we're discussing is a setlist which won't change lol,I dn think it's a LT tour....seriously ,I mean why aren't you playing them?
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