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  1. I wanna know about whole crew but will find it someother day,thanks
  2. what I want a set to be is.. 1st some energetic songs,then calm down & then finish the show in energetic way
  3. I really love this show,because it was 1st show of LT tour,good mixing,great energy
  4. waow,kinda lucky mate.enjoyed reading

  6. hahahaha,rumor is very interesting,that's why,plus we lplrs are busy in thread,it feels good reading comments,if there was no rumor,we wouldn't be commenting like crazy ppl here,it's fun.plus,if it's really just a rumor,instad of whole tour,I wish 1 show of LP @ MSG <3
  7. man,getting driving license is like getting an off season fruit at any cost ,best wishes then
  8. he/she's taking it as only LP's single may be,& yeah,that was kind of a live video shoot,that's why?wtb faint & bleed it out then? ermmm Numb/encore was a single indeed
  9. Like I said it's brad,now this pic indicates it's lp for 111110% sure,question is,when will the tour start?
  10. 2nd pic,is kind of same,but his left hand in pic is not down
  11. I can bet it's brad,the way this pic guy is holding the guitar,is same style of brad.110%
  12. pic on right side,I think,right now,in rock band's guitarists ,it's only brad who wears headphones...so it's LP for sure...confusing why they are doing it again instead of u.k
  13. is it pooch's all time sitting place?or only sometimes infront of stage? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BFsVCIcCYAQaV0v.jpg:large
  14. if you're taging (if you were surprised in a ive show) then I'm v unlucky to post something here
  15. Happy birthday ,may you live long,GOD bless you

  16. oh,thankyou andone,& live in texas dvd special? may I post a full link to download?
  17. what did mike say when don't stay started in rar 2004? "londoooooon? are you f******g readyyyyyyyy? & is the guy "benjaman" on lpl? weird question but he's a real vip haha,that was funniest part of lp concert ever
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