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  1. Never really shared the enthusiasm of others to have APFMH back in the set, but I really enjoyed that performance. The only problem I've ever had with these sets is the shortened songs. I just don't like them. I understand that to fit in the amount of different songs that they have to shorten some, but I'd rather they just play less songs and play them in full. I'm a little disappointed to see Rebellion wasn't played but hopefully it's in another set.
  2. War is the only song I skip on THP. I liked it at first but that's faded. I'm interested to hear how it turns out live.
  3. To anyone that has used StageLight, is it worth buying? I got it for free but couldn't run it on my old computer. Now I have a new computer, I can't find the code or whatever it was to redeem it.
  4. Do you mean met like in person or how I first discovered them? Anyway I'll cover both 1) I found Linkin Park when I first got an iPod and didn't know what music to put on it back in 2007. My friend recommended Minutes to Midnight. I used limewire and actually found the Tribal Ink fake songs and listened to those for weeks thinking it was LP. After finding the real album, it became better and better to me after each listen. Then I went back and listened to the earlier albums. At first, I hated it, but I kept listening to it and it eventually clicked and became great to me (I don't know how that works). 1) ( I actually met Linkin Park at the iTunes Festival show in 2011 by winning a Music For Relief auction. That was probably the most nervous I've ever been for anything. Looking back on it, it seems silly to feel like that. 3) I have every album of course 4) My favourite album is A Thousand Suns by a long, long way. There's a ton of great shows it's hard to pick one. I'm kinda biased towards to shows that I went to. 5) On some days it's The Catalyst. Other days it's Krwlng or Burning In The Skies 6) I guess they have a lot of relateable songs. I'd say Empty Spaces is up there with the best. 7) Mike. The guy is a legend!
  5. I knew I had seen it somewhere. Thank you!
  6. Didn't he also use it backstage to do vocals over The Requiem before they came out on stage? *Pages Astat*
  7. I'm not even sure if this is a real thing to input but...the show notes here http://lplive.net/shows/db/2014/20141124say Chester changed the lyrics for Final Masquerade but it actually only happened on the 23rd but it's not in those notes. Not a big deal. I just know how exact everything has to be
  8. From the list provided I chose No More Sorrow and The Catalyst!
  9. I prefer all the earlier versions of the songs. Not sure if that's just because I'm used to them
  10. 2:07 in Burn It Down...we got that previously unheard remix Oh and thanks for sharing!
  11. It's nothing personal I'm just ridiculously shy haha. Anyway, there was something else that made me smile at the show. I was standing next to these guys and they were pretty tough looking guys. Anyway as the LP intro is building up and they're walking out one of them just bursts in to tears. I kept looking over during the first few songs and this guy is just crying his eyes out with tears of happiness because he can't believe he's seeing Linkin Park. It just kinda warmed my heart...and it takes a lot to do that hah
  12. I was a few places in front of you in the early entry queue. Just saw a video of Final Masquerade. Chester did change it a couple of times.
  13. I saw a bunch of people including you, Wilderness, but I'm too socially awkward to say anything Anyway, a few things about the show. There was a really loud noise in the middle of Burn it Down that wasn't supposed to be there. Mike pressed something and it went away. Also, I don't know if the crowd were just singing the wrong lyrics or Chester changed it up but during Final Masquerade I was hearing "gets brighter every day" instead of "was brighter yesterday". I'll have to find a video.
  14. Can I buy access to early entry at the venue on the day of the show? Any info is appreciated!
  15. My vote is for everything that isn't Krwlng [Riff Raff]
  16. To cleanse our minds lets all watch 'A Serbian Film'...
  17. I reallllllly hope the set changes because shortened songs make me mad. I say that a lot. It'll be the same as Carnivores though.
  18. I won an MFR auction and got the same M&G as everyone else. No extra time/pictures. Then again, they were late and there was a lot of people there.
  19. I think COG Experience is pretty good. It was fine without the speeches though.
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