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  1. Definitely would be going but I moved to Vancouver just over a year ago What was I thinking? LP never come here
  2. I never thought I'd see a grime artist with cross over appeal in North America. Stormzy is very good at what he does though and Mike is definitely a fan. If this happens to be true it'd be very interesting
  3. Listened to this for the first time today. I love it. Last time I smiled hearing an LP song for the first time was The Catalyst. I feel a bit better about how the album could sound.
  4. Corden has taken a little too much inspiration from David Letterman Or he was kidding
  5. Oh yeah it's great. I don't think they've done anything better since then. Amongst all the hate in the YouTube comments for Heavy there's one that says "I can't make Dragonball AMV with this. Wtf" gave me a little laugh
  6. What surprises me is that we still have the "RIP LINKIN PARK" brigade after all this time. I thought they'd all jumped ship after ATS. I don't even remember Burn It Down getting this much hate for being "pop garbage". I wonder what makes it different.
  7. Definitely sounds better through some headphones. It's catchy I'll give them that. I've been singing it all day
  8. LP has done a great job in getting me hyped...for more Kiiara music lol Rob, Dave and Joe probably had to pick a lock to get in and remind everyone else that they're still in the band. Anyway, the piano versions of those songs are great. Heavy sounded way better than studio version.
  9. This is why you see Phoenix travelling around playing with professional golfers. He needs a new career
  10. First listen: I was actually cringing and really hoping it would dramatically get better towards the end.
  11. I was really excited after hearing Mike on the piano. I'm unsure about how the lyrics seem to flow it sounds a little off in the clips we've seen but obviously they're from an earlier stage of the process. My feelings right now are just curiosity. The synth sounds a little odd so I'm just intrigued as to how it sounds as a finished product but I wouldn't really say I'm hyped
  12. Yeah I'd have to agree with this. Well, about their output since 2012. The songs haven't been great imo. I'm actually very curious to see where this goes though.
  13. I figured all this demand for the DSPs back would just make them put more live tracks on LPU CD's. I guess we'll find out in time.
  14. I took a picture of a ticket from Copenhagen to share with LPL...I just forgot about it lol. It wasn't mine so unfortunately I couldn't keep it and scan it but I sent you guys the picture. Hope it's useful/usable.
  15. I really hope we get some more videos from this. Anyone know the guy with the gopro? He was standing right behind me.
  16. Nothing amazing but something different and improvised which made the show unique
  17. Hahahaha Also Mike climbed on top of a speaker that was quite high for half of Kenji Doubt that's useful information but hey
  18. Mike talked about the request situation in Rome and then took requests for verses over the "funky break" drum beat. He altered the tempo and took requests which were They're They Go (which he'd practiced earlier that day) and APFMH. Was hoping someone louder than myself would shout And One
  19. See you guys there! Hey look I'm in the pre-show post. I'd like to thank my parents for believing in me.
  20. They last played it in January. Hardly that long ago, Mike I think Brad has a reluctance to play it for whatever reason
  21. The Wu-Tang song is C.R.E.A.M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrsfJHLx5YA You can definitely hear the intro from this song in what Mike is playing EDIT: Mike just confirmed this on Twitter
  22. Robb Flynn from Machine Head was at the show https://instagram.com/p/6526HMxaVQ/?taken-by=robbflynn and it seems he enjoyed it!
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