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  1. LPU pre sale tomorrow 9am GMT. General sale Wednesday 9am GMT
  2. Same Also, it's 8:43PM here. It's BST here (British Summer Time) or something like that
  3. Guessing it's a show here. THE DAY BEFORE I LEAVE TO SEE HIM IN DENMARK...lol
  4. Jay Z and Kanye used to play it 8+ times in a row on their tour. Which personally I wouldn't like. Imagine LP played a song 8 times in a row in a set.
  5. Those poor people! Sit down or get a gun pointed at you Look at all that floor space. Could they not have fit more people in? Or was this another "regulation"?
  6. I'm thinking about it actually. I need to price up how much it's going to cost and then make a decision
  7. Yeah I get the feeling they really took the time to craft ATS to the finest detail of how they wanted it. Not that the recent albums aren't what they want. I just got this feeling from the entire ATS hype/cycle that this was something special, something they REALLY cared about. Maybe I'm just mad about the direction they took Interestingly, Bono, of U2, and Dr. Dre, have made more money outside of making music than they ever have making it. Dre from Beats Audio and Bono from his Facebook shares. So if anyone that is mad here is also a fan of U2, get your shaking fist out cos Bono dun SOLD OUT!!! but srsly...why would you be mad?
  8. I am a member over on LPA but I'd say I've probably only signed in about 3 times. I haven't really spent enough time there to get to know the members. Obviously I made some first impressions and to be honest, something didn't sit right with me. And also someone from there pissed me off at the London scavenger hunt lol. Although, I must give credit to Joe over there for tracking me down and getting me my signed LGM CD from the band for my friend and I. For me, LPLive has a much more user-friendly layout and I've always felt welcome here. Plus, I love talking about the live aspect of the band to the extent we do here, picking out every detail and such. Even on shows out way out of my time zone I'll stay up and just wait for the live tweets of the set (call me sad I have no shame ) There's just something here that feels more comfortable for me personally. I visit the site every day.
  9. I can't even explain how little this bothers me. I actually hope they make some successful investments. Also, I haven't personally seen interviews where it takes over the entire conversation. Their involvement with the fanbase is pretty much the same as it was 5 years ago. They haven't taken something away from us to go this other route. If I had the money they had I'd be investing it too and trying to make as much as I can. I don't think the last 2 albums have been great but we can't say it's because their focus is on something else or not. Mike made a new FM track and will probably make more which suggests he's still very interested in making music. Plus, those albums not being good is only my opinion I you don't want something, don't buy it. I'd love a Mike Shinoda custom watch but there's no way in hell I'd shell out the money for that. I'm not mad about it.
  10. I'm not entirely sure what you guys are arguing but the Kenji beat does come in at 0:45 on that video and runs through the rest of the song. Mike starts rapping Kenji at 2:11
  11. Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat based on your weight in relation to your height. Hope this helps. Or, you know, what Astat said
  12. 'Welcome' seems to be doing pretty well. I've seen it being shared on a bunch of mainstream media sites and it has 1.2m youtube views as of right now
  13. Great post JZ! I can really tell these shows mean a lot to you. Enjoy the show
  14. Ewwwwwww Crawling is back. If anything needed to come back, that definitely wasn't it. It's also kind of weird to have 'Welcome' in the set. IMO they should get rid of Joe's solo. Everyone just stands still during it and is like wtf from what I've seen and it comes straight after Robot Boy, which I think should go in to a song. Other than that and a few songs that I'd personally like to be added back in, I can't really complain too much about the set. The song selection isn't too bad but the set could be stronger at points.
  15. I don't get why Mike favourited Ryu's tweet about having a verse on 'Welcome' or Apathy's tweet. I still just feel there's something else to all of this. I'm probably wrong.
  16. I can't see why he'd acquire the youtube channel and do all of this stuff if there wasn't more to come. A new site, new social media, youtube channel, all this new apparel just for one song? Unless this is all just normal for a one off single and no current intention to release any more music
  17. Mike said he painted a huge mural for the video and Ryu posted pictures with Mike there so he must've known about it. Therefore, trust no one
  18. Despite what he says I think there is more to come
  19. Wastelands has gotta be one of their worst choruses ever This made me laugh
  20. I'm not buying what Ryu is saying...This is all so exciting! Also THP didn't have verses anywhere near to Mike's best. Hopefully he'll just let loose on this new stuff.
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