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  1. http://www.billboard.com/articles/photos/live/474959/hot-tours-linkin-park-incubus-journey-enrique-and-j-lo I found this a while back. Not sure how much it helps because it doesn't list individual attendance numbers. Although it says sell out next to every date. Also, Artist: Linkin Park & Of Mice & Men Venue: London, UK – O2 Arena Date: Nov. 23rd-24th, 2014 Gross Sales: $2,057,830 Attendance/Capacity: 26,922 / 31,580 Ticket Prices: $82.16, $72.77, $39.12 Artist: Linkin Park & Of Mice & Men Venue: Manchester, UK – Phones 4u Arena Date: Nov. 22nd, 2014 Gross Sales: $1,096,450 Attendance/Capacity: 15,192 / 15,444 Ticket Prices: $77.59, $68.19 These numbers were apparently posted here: http://www.billboard.com/biz/current-boxscoreat the time of the show. They are no longer listed there. Again, it doesn't have the separate numbers for the London dates but at least there's the Manchester one...
  2. They said the "fun to play live" thing for LT and for THP and look how that's turned out. When ATS came out they said they'd have difficulty translating it to a live setting and played pretty much the whole thing. So I think it's just better to not listen to anything they say when it comes to this stuff
  3. Lol! I often find it's hard to remember stuff that actually happened at shows I attend
  4. https://youtu.be/EjN9L6YB5bg?t=1566 This one? Think it's the same security dude
  5. Another vote for A Line In The Sand from me. It was close between that and Mark The Graves. Stop hating on Bleed It Out I think if you took out all the songs that have been complained about on here they wouldn't even have a set to fill 20 minutes lol
  6. Yeah I didn't even know Mike was in it until he said during the twitter listening party, just that part at 3:11 sounded a little different to me
  7. Is 3:11 Mike's vocal before Page's vocal is added?
  8. It's not our fault Living Things sucks
  9. Dude stop getting so offended. You are entitled to enjoy this song as much as someone else is entitled to hate the entire thing. Nobody here has even mentioned nu-metal. Not liking this song doesn't mean someone wants nu-metal back. If you like it, enjoy it, listen to it.
  10. I actually think it's pretty catchy. I only like the verses and chorus though...the rest is boring
  11. I really like the first verse and chorus. After that I no longer want to listen I way prefer this to ALTNC though
  12. As much as I love the channel (and all of Chris's channels) it's all Mike's stuff that's up there so surely offering a free pass to a Linkin Park show is a pretty nice gesture, no?
  13. I'm not really sure what shows they would play here (UK). I think most of the festivals have their line ups or aren't the type of festival you'd see LP at. They just did a UK tour of (some of) the main arenas this past November so I don't really expect us to be getting a show so soon but then again they played all those German shows in November too and they're getting shows announced.
  14. I wouldn't really know what to ask Rob. Maybe why he wasn't on the Mall OST
  15. We shall name this mission...The Hunting Party I can't believe I just posted that. It's 4:30 in the morning, give me a break.
  16. Not very likely but I hope they don't announce a UK show because I can't afford to go right now and I'm just that selfish
  17. This confirms you are Mike.
  18. It's weird the instagram post says Himos Park and LP.com says Himos Arena
  19. Oh Mike don't play with my heart this way...lol
  20. New Divide for 'Lies' in every loss, in every lie In every truth that you'd deny
  21. I think he did both screams you guys are talking about at this show?
  22. I can understand people's frustration but people seem to think they can tell chester how he should live his life or something. Imagine breaking your leg and having a bunch of people talking shit about you because you're not in a wheelchair performing for them. You know they are giving out refunds! It's not LP's fault that hotels and airlines don't give refunds You need a ton of rest with broken bones. I broke my foot a couple years back, it took 12 months to heal! Taking care of yourself is the most important. It'd be too much of a strain on him to do an entire tour.
  23. So are they going to debut Broken Foot or what?
  24. Why won't the band cater to my specific requests It's like they don't even know I exist.
  25. I don't even like APFMH or From The Inside that much at all. I'm actually pretty content with the selection of songs they've been using for these sets over the past couple of legs of the tour (although as an ATS fanboy, I'd like more of that back in ). My one complaint has just been about shortened songs.
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