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  1. Well, I purchased the Guitar Hero DLC. As much as I like the songs from ATS I would have loved a mixture of some of the old stuff too. I like the song choices in this DLC but I don't have Rock Band lol
  2. My favourite things from LP in 2010 were obviously the new album (which is amazing) and the fact that I went to my first ever Linkin Park show(s). I attended the November 10 and 11th dates in London and can easily say they were the best two days of my life so far. Here's to a great 2011 for Linkin Park and Happy New Year to all you folks here.
  3. I think it's an OK choice for a single. I thought they were going to do Iridescent. Either that or they should have done W&K. Either way I like all the songs so it's all good
  4. This is my first post ever o.O This tour has been amazing. Tonight was a small crowd of 3000 but the arena capacity is only about 5,000
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