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  1. Just buy one month for ten dollars and then buy the cd and you would have only probably spent 20 dollars total. Just stop bitching about prices already.
  2. Well it seems that it doesn't use auto-tune after all
  3. A while back LPamerican apparently talked to DJ Vice and he gave them a higher quality version of the track and told them its title was actualy I'm Serious.
  4. Does track 7 remind anyone else of B12.
  5. I liked it last but when they broke the tradition it ruined it being last for me, I just don't care when its played anymore.
  6. And I thought that the cover of OOA was bad...
  7. Metallica and Linkin Park collaboration
  8. I was wondering if anybody has the official sales numbers of Linkin Park's albums and singles. I don't think wikipedia is a good source for this info.
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