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  1. I'm glad I can rewatch some of these. I completely missed COG. And you do have to take what we were all saying with a grain of salt considering a lot of lag and dropping was happening. As for BID, I think we all expected it to be bad because Chester was sick, but then he did a good job PLUS sang UP instead of ERP.


    The thing is, with the show being that short, would they even be able to cut stuff out? I was under the impression that the TV airing would just be LP. I know they were filming the whole event, but anything pertaining to AXS TV (stream or otherwise) has exclusively had LP's name advertised with it. The show was barely over an hour long, and the AXS TV concert specials are usually an hour and a half to two hours.

    They might add some more charity stuff in there. There was a video at the end of the concert that they showed with footage from the Philippines.


    The thing to remember is that LP did a great job organizing this and raising money for those affected by the typhoon.

  2. The winner can get his prize in 2015, or it could be one off show. Who knows maybe even US tour in 2014.

    Yeah I guess this part: "win a VIP trip to a Linkin Park show in 2014" could just mean that you could win the chance to see LP in 2014, but when I first read it I thought it meant that the show will be played in 2014.


    Either way a cool contest.

  3. Did you guys see the rules?


    • Eligibilty: open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and district Columbia who are 18 years of age and older. Must physically be located and reside in the 48 states at time of entry. Void Hawaii and Alaska.
    • Sweepstake begins at noon PST in November 22, 2013 and ends 11:59:59 PM PST on December 13, 2013.
    • One grand prize: 3 day and 2 night trip for the winner and one guest to see Linkin Park live in the US tour date and show to be chosen by winner from eligible tour dates provided by Sponsor. Two Round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, round trip transfers from airport to hotel and two tickets to see Linkin Park in concert.
    • Five first prizes: a Linkin Park prize pack consisting of a Linkin Park album in CD format and artist merchandise.
    Um US TOUR DATE????


    Does that sound like their might be a tour earlier than Chester thought, or maybe this is in reference to a one off show somewhere in the US. Thoughts?

  4. Great post! Still not sure what the price hike is about but it's good they have options. Personally going to wait till LPU14 to renew because that's when I think the US tour is happening and I get the most for my money when LP tours.

    Also very curious to see how we'll the PlugAir thing will work. LP is always trying new tech.

  5. They should've made this underground ep similar to 11 and 12. Some of the demos are nice, don't get me wrong, but this ep could've been better had they released some 1999, 2000 or even an extra 2002 demo. 3 Until it Break demos was a huge negative for me. Could've replaced that with older demos. Also suprised the 2nd Until it Break demo had By.Myslf samples from Reanimation. Somehow, I get the odd feeling that Cumulus wasn't made in 2002. Just doesn't sound like they would come up with that sound at that time, considering how they've just came off from the success of Hybrid Theory and Reanimation. That sound is just too advance for them at that stage of their career. Cumulus sounds more 2006/2007ish to me. Overall, I give this ep a C-.

    Actually I was quite pleased that there was nothing pre2002. That might be an unpopular opinion.


    Poor Pretty Birdy. For whatever reason, we all seemed to feel (hope?) that we'd get another Meteora Demo with lyrics.

  6. LPU 13: Now we have $57 for NO Summit and $20/yearly online but NO laminate/lanyard. Apparently that's being sold separately.

    So online only doesn't get to participate in early entry and stuff anymore? Or M&Gs? Or does the laminate get you in the early entry? I'd check but I am LOGGED IN to the website and every time I click it in the store it sends me to a login screen. Messed up website.


    Or does the $57 package only get M&Gs and early entry?


    How much are Summits? $50 still? I doubt they'll be $3, lol. They were $50 additional in previous years. $57+$50 is a LOT of money. It seems like for the actual MERCH package, you are being charged a fuck ton more than before, for products that aren't as good. The AirPlug thing seems pretty pointless. Why is it so expensive?

    You apparently still get Meet and Greets with the Online Membership, but no early entry because the lanyard is being sold separately as a merch package.

  7. So $20 is just for a membership.

    • 12 months access to Members only community
    • Pre-Sale tickets Opportunities
    • Meet & Greet Opportunities
    • Band Chats
    • Access to Exclusive Music
    • Access to Exclusive Events*
    • Downloadable LPU App
    • LPU Auctions
    • LPU-TV / LPTV Downloadable Episodes
    Then the other $35 is merch


    • Welcome Letter from Joe
    • LPU XIII Jersey (Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes)
    • LPU PlugAir (Unlock exclusive content via iPhone and Android)
    • LPU / HARD ROCK Poster (created by LPU member Andhika Nugraha)
    • LPU XIII Lanyard + Laminate (Unlocks Early Entry Benefit)
    • LPU XIII CD (Featuring 10 demos and 2 LPU Sessions tracks)
    So I don't know, is it fair? The Jersey only would be like $50 or something ridiculous in the LPU store. The poster is nice. The CD is $10. Not really counting the PlugAir thing because I think it's silly. No one wants the crap on their phone, give us a PC/Mac option.


    I think Merch price is fair, but paying for $20 membership only pays off if there's a show in the next 12months or an "exclusive event". And even then can you get in with the lanyard in the merch package?

  8. I just speed through it. Here's some instrumental/lyrics/notes. All under spoilers.



    01 Basquiat [2007 DEMO]



    02 Holding Company [2011 DEMO]



    03 Primo [i'LL BE GONE - LONGFORM 2010 DEMO]



    04 Hemispheres [2011 DEMO]



    05 Cumulus [2002 DEMO]



    06 Pretty Birdy [sOMEWHERE I BELONG 2002 DEMO]



    07 Universe [2006 DEMO]



    08 Apaches [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.1]

    Lyrics, New Chester? Outro Thing


    09 Foot Patrol [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.2]

    New Mike Lyrics


    10 Three Band Terror [uNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.3]

    Brad's Lyrics from UIB


    11 Truth Inside A Lie (BY RYAN GILES) [LPU SESSIONS 2013]



    12 Change (BY BETA STATE) [LPU SESSIONS 2013]

    Lyrics by Beta State singer


  9. Guys you've never been able to buy a package and have it come with a digital download. It's always SEPARATE. It has been like that ever since the digital download was introduced. You're trying to tell me you thought the package had the download AND the CD? lol


    I'm only looking at the non-member homepage.


    I don't see all the extra stuff, but people should read through carefully before they rush in and start spending

    True, I only looked at the CD only version and this is what it said.



    • LPU XIII CD (Featuring 10 demos and 2 LPU Sessions tracks)
    • Includes Digital Version

    So I assume the all in one was the same. I mean you pay all the money and no instant digital copy? That's pretty lame.





    Lorenzo says there is a trailer for LPU XIII. Does anyone have a link? I'll throw it on the main post if anyone has it.


  10. I hate to be "that guy", but on the list of what's in the various packages, where exactly does it state that your package comes with an immediate digital download...?

    It says "digital download" which I think is fair to assume is immediate. LPU13 is not launching well lol

  11. Anyone know how I can do the merchandising $35 package? It keeps kicking me out and gives me only the options of $20 and $58 packages.


    Do I do the $20 and then it'll give me the option for merchandise? Ugh that's such a stupid way of doing it. LPU is not my friend and the hassle is not incentive to buy.

  12. I really enjoyed Primo. More Chester singing is only a good thing to me. I don't know if it's better than IBG (IBG being one of the songs I really enjoyed from LT), but I wish there was a Primo like song instead of UIB or Victimized.


    Very interested in the rest of LPU13 but still undecided if I want to renew my membership. The forums are a joke, and recently it keeps messing up the login.


    Really I only get LPU for the presale/early entrance and if Chester is right then no US tour till 2015.

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