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  1. Top 5 in no particular order





    Burning In the Skies

    In Between



    I don't think VICTIMIZED works live without the QWERTY part. When I heard it I was wishing they had played QWERTY in full instead of the mashup. Plus as a studio track I think (like a lot of LIVING THINGS) it's unfinished. Same thoughts with UIB.


    BID I think got way overplayed. Plus while it might be ok live, I can't help but skip it on my DSPs.


    In Between is on the list because it should have been No Roads Left on the album lol


    BITS I never enjoyed. Not sure why but I never connected with them.

  2. I don't get why everyone hates UIB. It's easily the most unusual and experimental song off LT. Quite in contrast to all the other safe and poppy songs like BID and IBG. Which is probably why I like it so much.


    More songs like UIB, Skin to bone, Victimized and Roads untravelled on the next album please! Thanks! :P

    To me UIB didn't sound unusual and experimental, but just unfinished. It didn't feel like a real song, but 3 different ones accidentally mashed together.


    A lot of LT felt unfinished to me. STB needed to have the lyrics redone, Victimized was too short. etc etc.

  3. Starting with Down


    EDIT: I'm just gonna put the setlist here for now.



    Big Bang Baby


    Dead and Bloated

    Out of Time


    Silvergun Superman

    Church on Tuesday - Guitar solo ending

    Big Empty

    Black Heart

    Interstate Love Song

    Instrumental Jam while Chester changed pants backstage

    Lady Picture Show

    Pop's Love Suicide

    Hollywood Bitch

    Sex Type Thing

    Sex and Violence


    Wicked Garden

    Piece of Pie

    Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

  4. I can't even imagine Chester trying to do a LEADING movie role along with his work with Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots lol.


    Edit: They fixed the link.


    Quote from Chester: "We're, in my opinion, ahead of schedule with the next record. I was hanging out with Mike the other day. We were kind of laughing about how far we are in the music we've been writing and how on board the entire band is with the direction that we're going, and it's really fun. Like right now it's a very exciting, very fun, very fruitful time. There's definitely going to be a new record out soon."

  5. Chester did an interview with Suicide Girls, talking about balancing out working with STP and LP, and talking in depth about the songs from the High Rise EP.


    Loneliness is beautiful, it leads you home again.

    Happiness is overrated, joy is infinite.

    Liberate the hate you feel before it's permanent.

    Smile when it hurts, it works like mother's medicine. NP: The lyrics for "Out of Time" are fairly fucking heavy. Where did this song come from?


    CB: That's an interesting question because sometimes I don't really even know. I just kind of figure that things just kind of come. I think it just starts where I drew the melody in my head and then I try to just place words where the sounds are coming. As crazy as that sounds, there's usually something that feels like it's tapping into what the song wants to be about...


    I always find it very difficult to write when I feel like I need to write something. Like, oh, I need to write a song today, I'm going to sit down and do that. It kind of doesn't work that way for me. So I just sit back and let the music come and then when I get excited about something I just start writing. And typically out of that, a story starts developing.


    With this song I was feeling a lot of the angst that the guys have been feeling about the past and the band, and I kind of wanted to put a kind of positive twist to it but still kind of have a heavy meaning.


    NP: Right, because the song is about longing and pain, but also about channeling it into the good stuff.


    CB: Yeah, exactly. The message of the song is really: it's your choice to decide what kind of life you want to live because all this shit's going to happen anyways. And you can either be pissed about it, or you can find the positive things in it that help make you into a really good person.


    All the best times of our life didn't do anything for our personalities. That great birthday that you had when you were eight did nothing for you as a human being. What did it teach you? That you were the center of the universe and everyone should give you gifts? It's the time your girlfriend cheated on you the day you lost that job you had in that company that you helped create, or your dog gets hit by a car the same day that your wife tells you to go fuck yourself and then your kids never want to talk to you again. I mean, all these things happen to people. And for me, it's like I always try to ask the universe to help me see the good side of that shit, rather than the other side. Because the easy way to go is to be pissed. So that's what I think the song is about for me.


    Black heart's comin', he's a cold machine.

    Cuts like a knife, gentle and clean.

    Face like an angel, mind of a killer.

    Nobody else gonna love her better.


    NP: The next track on the EP, "Black Heart," that's so Rolling Stones-like.


    CB: Well, thank you.


    NP: In the best possible way. It's just got that funky Stones vibe to it. What were you thinking of when that came together?


    CB: Loud rock & roll, that's what I was thinking. I want it to be loud, I wanted it to be rock & roll, I kind of wanted it to be sexy, and I kind of wanted it to be disturbing at the same time. That's what I was shooting for.


    NP: Hence the "Black Heart."


    CB: It's funny because that was just a word that I kept hearing at first. I don't know if you ever watched those TV shows, like the Medium from New Jersey or whatever? [Referring to TLC's Long Island Medium] Where she like randomly sees somebody out of nowhere for no reason and she's feels a compulsive need to talk to them about something? Right? It's kind of like that with songs for me. It's like I hear a bunch of music, I hear a bunch of stuff...The melodies start coming and then I keep re-hearing words over and over again.


    Do you know the answers?

    Tell me, I find my happy ending.

    When do we start pretending that,

    We're all the same on the inside.


    NP: I'd love the ideas in the lyrics for "Same On The Inside." Because it's one those overused platitudes - we're all on the same on the inside. It's a great twist on that idea. Can you talk a little more about that song?


    CB: Yeah, another case of hearing something that stuck and then a story came out of it. I kept hearing the "when do we start pretending" part. I kept hearing that over and over and over again in my head before the words started coming. And I kept hearing "all the same on the inside."


    What's interesting was originally the melody was supposed to start in a different place in the song. It was supposed to start after the opening riff finished. It's got that cool, dissolving riff, that first opening guitar part. On the downbeat of the next section was where I was supposed to start the verse in my mind. Well, one of the DeLeo brothers was like, "I think it will be cool if you started earlier before that happens." And so we literally just grabbed that take of that vocal and we just moved it back half a measure and started one full measure before the first music began and it stayed that way.


    By doing that, I think lyrically it kind of felt like that should be what the lyrics do as well. You're saying one thing, and then the catch phrases sounds like something positive, you know, "we're all the same on the inside." Like if you catch the end of the song, and you never heard it before, you'd probably be thinking, oh yeah, we're all the same, yay! Your brain's going to tell you to stop listening. But really, when you listen to the song, it's talking about not being happy and not finding what you want and not knowing what to say.


    NP: Finding the hollowness behind the phrase we're all the same on the inside.


    CB: Yeah, it's come on, admit it, we are not the fucking the same - I'm nothing like you, kind of thing. So, yeah, it was a fun exercise lyrically, to pull that off.


    NP: It's like a movie with a great twist in it.


    CB: It's not quite The Sixth Sense, but...


    NP: It is, it's The Sixth Sense of songs.


    CB: I don't know if it's that, but same idea. I would love it if it was that, that would be great, but that's for other people to decide, not for me to say.


    Cry cry, can't say no.

    Nothing cures a craving.

    Cry cry it's all a show,

    Just a game you're playing.


    NP: "Cry cry" - for me that song is about people that cry for attention, and the exasperation that you feel when people do that. Is that what the song is about?


    CB: Well, yeah, it is, it is about that. Sometimes when I write on my own, I kind of get right to the point, which is where working with Mike [shinoda] comes in handy, because then he comes in, he's like, "Yeah, it's pretty on the nose, let's go this way." [i'll say,] OK, have fun doing that. Then he walks away with it and come back with something great. Or vice versa, what I do with some of the words that he writes or whatever. When you are by yourself, I've found that in the other bands that I've ever been in were I'm the singer and I'm writing the stuff, it was always just kind of like I show up and sing stuff. People are like, Oh, OK, cool, that's what you came up with.


    It's somewhere in between those two processes with STP. They kind of just let me do my thing to a certain degree, but then I know that if I don't let them know what I'm doing, they're going to be asking and want to hear it all the time. So I kind of find the balance between asking where should I go, as opposed to, what do you think of this melody, or whatever. So I kind of channeled Mike Shinoda in a little bit throughout this processes to have another voice criticizing my work...


    It was imagined Mike. I was summing up the Star Wars' version of Yoda after he died. You know, when he's just the green ghost shadow thing in the forest. I was doing that with Mike Shinoda. I was envisioning him as a Jedi master after becoming one with the force, and he would guide me. And it worked. I think that I wrote better lyrics because if it. I would go, "Mike would not like this," and so I'd rewrite it. And sometimes I would say, "Mike wouldn't like this, but I like it, so let's keep it."


    These endless days are wait for me,

    Tearing my heart that breaks for you,

    I'm coming home tomorrow.


    Though you're not lying next to me,

    I hear your song that calls to me,

    I'm coming home tomorrow.


    NP: Going to the last song, "Tomorrow." It's a non-standard structure in that the chorus is the line "I'm coming home tomorrow." It's an epic line that you're waiting for after every refrain. And again, it has this theme of loneliness that some of the other songs have -- do you feel lonely?


    CB: Well, I do work a lot, so I'm alone a lot. When I'm on the road, I don't really get to spend time with people that I care to spend time with a lot. I'm with my band members, but it can get lonely out there sometimes. Yeah, so that's actually what the song's about.


    This song was a song that came out of the first couple of demos. It was actually written in the studio as we were working on "Out of Time." Dean came up with that in the middle of the recording session one afternoon, and the next thing you know we're like hold everything, let's get this guitar down really quick, and now we have this super song. Then we finished working on "Out of Time" because we were on deadline, and then we got back to working on that song.


    We'd already figured out the melodies and stuff but not really words. So when we came back to writing the words, I knew the song was going to be about that last day before I go home, you know, when I've been gone four weeks or something like that. That always seems to be the longest time. Because the first week and a half on tour goes like lightning speed. Then it slows down to normal speed where a day is 24 hours instead of 15 minutes. And then that last day seems to drag on for like a week it feels like, and that's kind of the intent of the words...


    NP: It's really sweet. It's like an epic love song to your...


    CB: To my wife.


    NP: That's beautiful.


    CB: Yeah. It's not the first song I've written for my wife actually.


    NP: Really?


    CB: No. If you like sappy love songs, then go check out Dead by Sunrise, which is a band that I have as well. A song called ""

    " was the song that we danced to for our first dance at our wedding.


    NP: Ah, well, she is a very, very lucky lady.


    CB: I'll make sure to let her know that you said that. So we have it on record.

    Read the rest of the article here.

  6. Entire Setlist:


    Big Empty

    Interstate Love Song


    Black Heart

    Church On Tuesday

    Hollywood Bitch

    Out Of Time

    Wicked Garden

    Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart


    Thanks to ChesterBenningtonNetwork for the setlist. You can also read a review here.


    No Castle of Glass. So I believe I was right that she was referring to the COG video. Also in that review it was said that they raised over $175,000 for the neonatal intensive care unit. So proud that Chester does stuff like this.

  7. Calm down. We don't even know if STP did cover COG. And even if they did so what? In every interview Chester has said LP is his number one priority. Plus Mike was there supporting too, he just didn't perform.


    I love STPWCB and LP and I hope Chester can continue to do both for a long time.


    Edit: Just saw the comment, pretty sure that woman was talking about the music video the hospital did. I don't think they performed Castle of Glass.

  8. Have all of the LPU Meetups to date been done at Hard Rock Cafe locations? I know at least some of them have, but if that's the only place they've had them, it'd help me get an idea of where they may have them in the future. Unfortunately there isn't a Hard Rock location anywhere between here and Chicago...if I couldn't make it to Chicago for the HCT show, there's no way in hell I'm driving that far just to meet some LPU members. This is one of the rare times I wish I still lived near Cleveland.

    I'm pretty sure all the events have been at Hard Rock.


    There's one in Dallas so I hope they do it before I leave. Not really worth a big trip, but if they did it in the city you live in I think it would be a fun night to go to.

  9. LPU and Hard Rock Cafe are happy to announce new LPU Meetups dates. We are excited to offer a space for you guys to hang out with LPU community members from all over the world.




    10/29 – Dublin

    11/12 – Moscow

    11/15 – Chicago

    11/17 – Boston

    11/22 - San Diego

    12/23 – Philadelphia

    12/27 – Cologne


    We will not be holding a Meet & Greet at LPU Meetups.


    For questions please email me at LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM - Lorenzo


    Click here for more info

  10. lol Mike not giving us no info like usual. I feel like Mike already said this in another interview. I doubt people seriously expected the new album to sound like ALTNC.


    Plus we know that Mike and co don't really know what the album will sound like until the very end. They always have a bunch of ideas.


    I do wish that they wouldn't use Rubin again. The man is great, but I think it's time for some new blood.

  11. Well it didn't work in the US that way. I may have been a little pissed off because I waited for about 6 hours, was in the front of the LPU Early Entry line, and still didn't get front row, but it's whatever.

    US is a different animal. People who get their really early are the people with LPU passes. So if you want your choice of barricade spot then you have to get there early, but if you're ok with being off to the sides then you could probably wait till 3 hours or so before doors, depending on which state your in (West Coast more time is needed and South less).


    I'm short so I always just clear my day and get there early. The only problem is when the venue screws up and opens the pit in two spots (dumb dumb dumb Planet Hollywood!)

  12. Agreed. Do you mean lyrically? They said Out Of Time was about coming to a crossroads in your life where it comes time to make a decision. They said Black Heart was about a serial killer, and how girls keep falling for him, and he kills them. I am pretty sure that Tomorrow is about Chester being away from his loved one's on long tours. I also think Cry Cry could be about addiction. Not sure about Same On The Inside.

    Yeah that's what I meant.


    However, just listened to it and there was no new information. Chester was a great guest and I think he gives good advice. Poor Robert though. I get the feeling that this was his first time on loveline.

  13. When Chester said they have some things lined up for early 2014, was he refering ti STP or LP?

    Interviewer: Are you still doing Linkin Park stuff? Is it full time Stone Temple Pilots? How's this gonna work?


    Chester: I'd say it's full time both. It does mean I have to do a lot more stuff then I had to do before. *laughs* But I'm in the studio with Linkin Park. I'll actually be going there later today. We're working on a new record. We have some shows that'll be coming up early next year I think, and I have STP shows through early March booked. So, it's just a matter of making sure that when I'm available to either, I need to give 100%. I know this coming year is going to be very Linkin Park heavy because we're making a new record, we're launching a World Tour.


    So from that I assume random one off shows in 2014 somewhere for Linkin Park, and then later a World Tour.

  14. What the hell, why did they not air the full songs?

    What are you talking about? I hear the full songs. They only played Black Heart and Pretty Penny. You have to wait till after the interview to hear it. It's all one mp3 stream.

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