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  1. I don't hear anything from crowd. I'm really curious what happened.

    If you listen when Dean is playing the intro to Big Empty some guy is yelling over and over again saying "you're not scott." I'm guessing he was probably making a spectacle of himself since everyone around him knew exactly who Dean meant and point him out for security.


    Who pays to see someone they don't like?

  2. I don't think so. Money is in concerts now, not CD sales. They're selling out left and right with only an EP out.


    And STP songs are way easier on Chester's voice then LP. And like Mark said, he's way more all over the place with STP. At the show I went to Chester got the chance to sit or just chill on the mic stand. And when he moved it wasn't quick, just walking to one side and staying there a bit and walking to another.


    We'll see in Vegas how his ankle is.


    As for Mike. You'd think no problem. But I think he or someone said before that he can't see NRL live because of all the vocal work he does during a show, and he'd be too tired. I can't remember where I read that so I could be wrong.

  3. I haven't really wanted to watch anything pre-Chester but for whatever reason I did last night. Shocked me to see Dean and the guys just going through the motions, so different from the shows I've been too where they smile and dance.


    I can't imagine how hard it must have been working with someone like Scott. I'm glad Chester has given them new life. Dean didn't tell us what we didn't know, that Chester gives 100% all the time!


    Can't wait to hear their studio album!!

  4. AMAZING! Totally convinced me I have to go see them again this year. So much energy and this music just fits Chester's voice so well.


    Besides that, Dean DeLeo wins MVP of the band for defending Chester!! He was really upset. I hate that idiots can't move on. Pretty clear Chester is here to stay, or at the least they'll never go back to Scott.


    You guys have to watch. Wicked Garden, Pruno, Plush, Dead and Bloated. All just rock!

  5. Pretty sure there are lots of sold out shows, which is helped by the smaller venues. Still I know VIP sold out immediately at some shows. As a big fan of the current STP line up it doesn't bug me that it's not on the newswire. If anything it's easier to find the forum for STP stuff in its little section.


    And the FM thing is just my assumption. I think fans though feel more conflicted with Chester joining a new established band vs a side project. I trust his word that LP comes first. Just pumped for new music and tours from both bands!

  6. I will say it again




    STP was posted in the newswire with their tour announcement and some cool downloads.


    However this is a Linkin Park fansite, and I say this as someone who is beyond excited to see STP next week. People would be annoyed if we kept putting STP stuff on the newswire. That's why it has its own section. You can follow livestp on Twitter to get the news.


    Believe absolutely no disrespect is meant. I can safely save everyone I know who works on the site loves listening to Chester with STP. It just makes sense to have them separate because they're different bands. Whenever Fort Minor comes back I assume the same will happen.

  7. I'm hoping they can debut something at RIR. They'll have enough time to practice. Not feeling like they'll do another tour though for USA. Hope I'm wrong but we'll see.


    Looks like 2013 again for the US but with more festivals.

  8. I'm going to say this much. Too all the people that have seen LPU over 10-20 times or whatever. There really is no reason to be pissed off. Just wait till next time. That's all. Have Chester recover & wait for a kickass show where he is 100%. That is all. End of discussion. There are other artist out there. Like now I'm looking into seeing Metallica or Muse or Imagine Dragons or even J Cole or A7X or somebody I haven't seen yet. Perfect opportunity. Yeah I wanted to see LP for like the 5th time but I could always wait. No biggie.


    I'm seeing them in Vegas so yeah its really more of a bummer to not see my friends I've made and the problem of being on the phone and trying to get refunds. I'm always more upset for people who might be seeing them for the first time, or have pit for the first time. Still even though it would have been my 12th show I still feel super upset. From what Mark was saying the band was bringing it.


    I hope they bring APFMH to all the festivals. I hope some people join me at RIR now that they have some money to spend.

  9. We have no idea how Chester broke his ankle. Remember this is the man who was poisoned by a spider. Chester just has bad luck.


    While I do feel gutted about not going, I am glad they realized quick that he needed surgery.


    Also of the mind that they hadn't planned for more touring this yr for USA besides festivals. Hoping now they'll consider rescheduling.

  10. NJ media is reporting the LP will be playing Boardwalk. I have no idea how they know that or if the source is trustworthy. At work or I'd post more. LPL twitter account RT'd the link from MikeShinodaClan.


    Hopefully Lorenzo will update soon. Looks like I'll be flying out even if the show is cancelled though.

  11. Its not like Chester sat down and said "hmm let me injury myself so much that I need to seek "immediate medical attention" just to piss off my fans. You don't know how serious his injury is. A real fan would want him to heal up and not risk hurting himself more. It's not like LP isn't going to tour the US again. They'll probably be back THIS YEAR.


    Also I'm FLYING in from Texas. You have no idea what I had to do to be prepared for this trip, from the logistics of getting there to asking off work. And I'd STILL rather them cancel the whole tour then see Chester grit his teeth through the pain and perform or potentially injury himself more.


    You can be upset but really don't a jerk about it. Really the "bandwagon" is just real fans who understand that one tour isn't the be all end all.


    And I'm stoked for STP. I'll say it, their show ranked way higher than a lot of LP shows I've been too. LP music is better, but all the STP guys seem to enjoy the show more.

  12. I really doubt the whole tour's in jeopardy, he probably just needs to go in and have the bone properly set. Once that's done, he can probably be back on the road in a matter of a couple days. As long as he's smart and keeps weight off the leg (performing in a wheelchair for the rest of the tour would be a good idea - Layne Staley style FTW), there shouldn't be anything that keeps him from doing most of the rest of the shows. Unless his leg injury is WAY worse than it appeared and needs significant surgery, I'd be surprised if he isn't back by Brooklyn at the latest.


    When Mike posted a picture I didn't really see anything wrong with his leg. I guess I'm just worried that they took until tonight to mention it, so I'm not sure if he hurt it worse or if it hurt worse or what. Never broke anything so I don't really have an idea about what Chester is capable of. I assume if he sees a doctor today/tomorrow that we'll know either tomorrow night or Wed afternoon.

  13. No word from OMandM and RA.


    Everything I'm reading online says an ankle injury is pretty serious. Obviously just googling stuff, but from what I've read I'm surprised most of the tour hasn't been cancelled yet. At the very least through next week. I wonder if they're waiting to see how Chester feels. But I'd rather them cancel and let him heal up properly. He's getting older and he doesn't need to risk injuring himself more for just one tour. We know they'll hit the US again.

  14. I don't know anything about broken bones. I wonder if he reinjured it today or if adrenaline got him through the other show. Must be pretty bad if they know this soon that they won't be able to play PITT and Albany. Hoping Chester feels better soon. I'm sure Lorenzo and co will keep us updated about the rest of the tour. Obviously the priority is that Chester gets better. I wonder if we'll find out how he got injured in the first place.

  15. Thanks for your help.


    So Lulu just told me that LPU 13 membership will turn into LPU 14 membership tomorrow.


    Also while I can't seem to login because I keep getting redirected to the LP page and asked to login again, I can get into the LPU chat so LPU13 must be working.

  16. All right, I'm angry. What the hell happened? I have an LPU XIII membership, and it requires me to buy an LPU XIV membership? I bought that membership two months ago. I need some answers.

    Heard this from a couple of people. Asking Lorenzo and Lulu now. Though Lorenzo is apparently without internet access, which could be why this process has been so bumpy.

  17. Now it's giving me the "membership required" message as soon as I try to log in...I HAVE A FUCKING MEMBERSHIP.


    You know what? I bet I know what happened. My login info for the LP.com community was exactly the same as my login info for LPU. They probably fucked up merging it all together just like every other goddamn time they've tried switching to a "new system" with LP.com/LPU in the past. I'm sure a lot of people's accounts are the same way.


    Don't have your website go live just to meet a deadline if the product you put out is so horrendously non-functional that even calling it a "beta version" would be insulting to anything else that's ever gone through a beta period..."beta" implies that they actually tested this shit before dumping it on their customers. That apparently didn't happen...


    I couldn't get in to the $25 version and now I'm not even going to bother. I guess I'll get the $20 version for the early access. And maybe this launch should have been called Alpha. I still can't believe they didn't release the tracklist and someone had to BUY it before we knew. Though I guess good job on not having it leak.

  18. I like RA's live show. Only saw them once but they were electric. This blows Whoa Whoa Whoa Leto out of the water.


    If anyone was curious, Lorenzo said the special LP viewing platform for one of the packages is behind the sound booth, and that the early entry package people are in the same line as LPU.

  19. Correction to the list: Console Energy Center in Pittsburgh opened a few years ago, LP never came here until 2015. I think 2008 was the last time they were in Pittsburgh.



    And I have seen that prices (for Pitt at least) are $57, 76 and 100 for varying tickets. I got the LPU page for buying but I don't have the code.




    Did I mention I'm from Pittsburgh?

    The code is in your LPU account if you have a current membership.

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