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  1. Woohoo! I was credited for helping with something! In all seriousness, Final Masquerade is actually my most anticipated track on the album, because I've always loved the softer/ballad-y songs the band makes. Hope this is true. Also, this would be 5: GATS, UIG, Wastelands, Rebellion, FM


    Haha thanks. Too many songs lately. I've only listened to GATS and UIG because I wanted to wait for the album to drop, but the band isn't making it easy on me.



    Jonas I changed it from single to song. You're right, we don't know if it's gonna be a single or just a track.

  2. There seem to be rumors flying around that their will be a FIFTH track from The Hunting Party to be released before the album drops on June 17th.


    Ultimate Guitar wrote that they believed Rebellion and Final Masquerade would be released soon, and the article was written on June 2nd.


    98rock, a radio station in Tampa Bay, Florida has June 9th down for the debut of Final Masquerade.


    You guys ready for another song next week? Do you think the band will debut one more track before the album?


    Thanks to LPL user CASTLEOFSASSEXPERIENCE for the heads up!

  3. I think with 5 really different albums that the band will never be able to satisfy everyone. But I'd rather than put out diverse and interesting music and sacrifice maybe not having one of my favorite songs on the set list. I bet if I polled the last 5 people to comment on what the perfect set list is then I'd get t different answers and I think that's great that we can still all love the band!


    As for the shorten stuff, with the exception of crawling which might be too short, the rest were fine for me. Though I will say that's probably because I've seen them multiple times before.


    I love this set list and hope they get back to their more polished live shows. Also the visuals were gorgeous!

  4. I had a good feeling the Woodlands would get the Summit. I'm so glad I got my ticket!! Little miffed prices have once again gone up, but an exclusive shirt and "gift" I probably would have bought at the merch booth. I'm 100% going to the Summit!


    Though I doubt they'll be the massive amount of people flying in like there was at Chicago and Camden considering the fact that if they haven't sold out, I think the Woodlands is close to selling out tickets.

  5. The problem is that we haven't done it before. But we can certainly change things for 2004 and 2012-2014.


    - Step Up/It's Goin' Down/Nobody's Listening (Hip Hop Medley)

    - LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)

    - WAK/RTN/STB (Hip Hop Medley 2)


    What do we do?


    Medley: SU, IGD, NL

    Medley: LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent

    Medley: WAK/RTN/STB/IMR


    Thoughts? I'm open to anything.


    This is the first time the band has really drastically changed the setlist like this. I like Hip Hop Medley 2.0. We can wait and see what the band will do for a B and C setlist, but I doubt they'll change it up that much. IMR in the notes works for me. If there are more Medley's we'll all have to just get more creative in the naming. :P

  6. Holy shit, they did Wastelands in full? Even with the snippet coming out earlier, that's a surprise. Ok, seriously, this set is shaping up to be amazing. Dare I say that this might be the first setlist in a long time that not ONE person will complain about?


    haha spoke too soon. Ballad Medley killed the momentum they had going. Still a really great set but ugh that Medley needs to go.

  7. Ok, I just don't get why LP fans are expecting a metal album when LP have never made anything that sounds like metal, not even GATS at all.

    Because of Mike. He's been hyping this all up talking about how he's going to bring rock back to rock music. I've learned from the last few records to not listen to what Mike says. I believe it was Mike who said that LIVING THINGS was supposed to be an album to be played lived, but look what happened...


    So knowing that, I think I enjoyed UIG more than most. Little disappointed in the lyrics, but the music is awesome. Plus never upset with a song with just Chester singing. :)

  8. I suggest listening to the lyric video. First it's looks really awesome!! Second, I think we naturally latch onto the "Until It's Gone" parts because we knew those would be lyrics. It sounded better to me when I could see what the other lyrics were. It might just be me though.

  9. Getting more and more excited for this album! I'm surprised Mike did a listening party with unmixed songs, but they must be pretty close to finished.


    Nothing in this article sounds bad to me. A prequel to Hybrid Theory seems to be the tagline they're going with and I'm happy with it. Those titles definitely look like titles LP would have come up with.


    June cannot come fast enough.

  10. Chester said the release date for the new album appears in one of the latest LPTVs.


    Considering the dates below, does it seem a long time between the release of the first single and June (which may be the month of the release of the album)?




    06.04.2012 BURN IT DOWN Puzzle starts

    16.04.2012 BURN IT DOWN Single release

    08.05.2012 Scavenger Hunt starts

    24.05.2012 BURN IT DOWN Music Video; LIES GREED MISERY Single release

    26.06.2012 LIVING THINGS Album release




    07.03.2014 Guilty All The Same Single release

    xx.06.2014 LP6 Album release

    Went to check, and if the album drops in June it will be the longest single-to-album time difference the band has had. Usually it's been around a month, and with LT it was two.


    Hopefully like with LGM, they'll release a second track before the album is done. It's really quite the gap.

  11. Listening to the interviews Chester did today and here's some notes. Thanks ChesterBenningtonNetwork for compiling these!


    First one he said that the band doesn't have a name for the album yet.


    Chester maybe not wanting to release the name, or does Hunting Party mean something else?




    Chester confirms that the paper in the latest LPTV date is in fact the release date, but that would lead me to believe that Hunting Party is indeed the album name.


    First Interview with 1045


    Not really anything note worthy in the other interviews. Really just the same thing.

    Radio- "Why Carnivores Tour when lots of the band members are vegan? haha"

    Chester- "We think music is lacking visceral, energetic hard rock music. Also 30 STM and AFI rock live."


    And then random radio talk about sports/weather etc..

  12. I think these comments are funny. Of course none of us will all be happy with a song. I bet if I were to randomly poll 5 members of LPL I'd get 5 different responses for favorite songs/albums. And I think that's great!


    I love this track though. I don't need Chester screaming in this to make it sound great. Plus like Mark was saying THANK YOU FOR NOT OVERPRODUCING CHESTER! If this is Mike's work then I never want another producer doing their music again. Some of my top songs on my iPod are live version of Chester. I enjoy his actual voice so much more than the studio versions.


    And like LPPanther said, Chester will probably nail this live since his voice hasn't been tampered with as much.


    I like the 6 min song much more than the radio edit. From a few listens they seemed to cut Rakim's part and one line of "Guilty all the same" from the chorus. Lame that radios won't play the whole thing.

  13. I wonder if the iTunes release is the news Chester was talking about, or if we'll get more album info.


    I don't see why Mike wouldn't do Rakim's part when they play live. I'm so excited to hear this live!!!!


    This is such a strange song to follow up LIVING THINGS. I'm happy, but always constantly surprised by LP.

  14. Guilty All The Same

    Tell us all again

    What you think we should be

    what the answers are

    What it is we can see

    Tell us all again

    How to do what you say

    How to fall in line

    How there's no other way


    But ooooooh

    We all know


    You're guilty all the same

    To sick to be ashamed

    You want to point your finger, but there's no one else to blame

    You're guilty all the same

    To sick to be ashamed

    You want to point your finger, but there's no one else to blame

    You're guilty all the same



    Show us all again that our hands are unclean

    That we're unprepared, that you have what we need

    Show us all again cause we can not be saved

    Cause the end is near, now there's no other way


    Yeah oooooh

    You will know

    You're guilty all the same

    To sick to be ashamed

    You want to point your finger, but there's no one else to blame

    You're guilty all the same

    To sick to be ashamed

    You want to point your finger, but there's no one else to blame

    There's no one else to blame

    Guilty all the same

    Guilty all the same

    Guilty all the same


    Rakim's Part


    You're guilty all the same

    To sick to be ashamed

    You want to point your finger, but there's no one else to blame

    You're guilty all the same

    To sick to be ashamed

    You want to point your finger, but there's no one else to blame

    There's no one else to blame

    Guilty all the same

    Guilty all the same

    Guilty all the same



    I have to listen to it quite a few more times to get Rakim's part.

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