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  1. This makes so much sense to me. Such a radio friendly song. I hope it blows up!
  2. Look at the other shows. Sometimes it can be cheaper to fly to somewhere further away.
  3. Any details on the VIP package? Can't find anything.
  4. I've only listened once in full, listened to the EP a bunch and Ghosts a couple of times before the album dropped. First impression is to be impressed. It was only a year ago OML came out. And Mike didn't start working on this till July/August. It is truly stunning the production value and quality for such a short time. Mike is amazing. I pretty much liked everything. I haven't ever really enjoyed other vocalist collabs except Rakim. Was pleasantly surprised by K Flay and of course Chino killed it. Need an edited version of Lift off without MGK. And the other collabs I wouldn't miss if they were gone. Thats really the only part I didn't like. I need to listen to this a lot more before I do rankings. No immediate favorite either. Overall thrilled for Mike. But this one will of course have a bittersweet cloud overhead.
  5. I didn't realize the visuals were going to be music videos. Listened on Spotify on my way to work and that wasn't a smart decision. Mike's anger and sadness definitely pulled at my heart. I started to cry with the voice mails and didn't stop until the end of Over Again. For how I'm feeling now, Over Again is the best for me. I was lucky enough to go to the Hollywood Bowl show and I am still amazed at Mike's and the whole band,being able to get through without breaking down on stage. When I go home I'll watch the videos and probably have another good cry. I think we all knew in our hearts that Mike would continue creating music. As a personal preference I'd love either his solo work or any future LP work to sound more like Watching As I Fall.
  6. FYI you have to buy a minimum of 2 tickets if you try for box seats. Clear your cache/history/cookies and try again. Or change browsers. Notes from someone who took 5 hours to get a ticket. Luckily was still able to get TERR2 so I'll see you there.
  7. Some FYIs from Lorenzo, Credit card holder must be present No VIP Packages or Early Entry Pit will be filled with chairs 2 ticket limit per code Asked people not to share codes, but didn't say anything else They are being very strict for this show. Be wise about this.
  8. 100% going. Be there Thursday night, leave Sunday night. BTW per Lorenzo's twitter, 2 ticket limit on presale.
  9. This is pretty much how if feel too. The STP thing of course has crossed my mind. When it was happening to them I remember thinking I'd never have to be put in Scott's fans shoes. If they continue Linkin Park without Chester and keep the name I think that's fair. We know LP has always been more Mike's then anyone else's. Will I support another vocalist... I don't know. I'd buy the next album for the other five, but right now it's too soon to imagine someone else singing. I do think the way the band is reacting I doubt we'll get an answer on this any time soon. Everyone is still mourning. I do hope they continue in some capacity. They are too talented to just stop now.
  10. This was the harder place to come to. LPL is how I got in touch with most of my close LP friends. We're all going through the same living nightmare and we have to be strong together. Thank you guys for being my favorite place to talk about my favorite singer.
  11. ATS had a box. It was an art book with the cd and the weird making of DVD. I do love these as great collectors items. Back on topic, I suggest people who are not a fan of this direction listen to to live versions and forget the album. The only positive of this album for me is Chester's voice. I think I'm so annoyed because it doesn't sound like a LP album (which at least LT did even though that's another direction I didn't like). As people have said, too many outside influences. And one of my favorite aspects of being a LP fan is the sound of Chester's voice and the music behind him. The music felt lazy here. I also suggest people go listen to The Hunting Party again. Really solid album that didn't get promoted properly. And some LP songs I wasn't a fan of when they came out (UIG) I like more now in comparison to OML.
  12. Just listened to it for the first time. I haven't listened to any of the singles or anything until it released today and after listening that was a great decision for me. Writing this as I listen for a second time. First, I'm always going to be a fan of clean Chester lyrics. He has an amazing voice that I think LP tends to misuse. This doesn't sound like a LP album to me and I think it's because they had so many outside people involved, and they didn't focus on the music first, which is the biggest fault of this album for me. Also WTF were they thinking releasing Heavy as the first single (or creating it as a song). Anyways here's my song review. Nobody can save me 3/10 This is a great song to set expectation for the album, but not in a good way. Chester sounds great, but wow the music is so meh. Real forgettable song. Good goodbye 4/10 Better than NCSM and I mean Chester. Never a fan of guests on the album songs (except Daron on Rebellion). If Mike did the whole song I'd like it more. Talking to myself 9/10 I LOVE IT. I finally really hear the rest of the band. Man I wonder they've been doing for this album cycle. I'm excited to see reviews that say it's even better live. I feel like this is more of a unique song. I can't wait to hear it live. This should have been the first single. Battle symphony 5/10 The music is killing this album for me. This would have been a great album to do all acoustic except Talking to Myself. Invisible 4/10 Mike singing I always have mixed feelings. I love No Roads Left, but always skip In Between. It sounds weird from the rest of the album because for ONCE Chester is mixed so clean, but Mike isn't here for me. It's ok but another In Between for me. Heavy 3/10 WTF Is this? I really dislike the intro. The chorus is ok, but a dumb choice for a single. Kiiara sounds nice, but please no guests on the next album. This song doesn't sound like the rest of the album for me. Least favorite of the Album, but I'll say I don't think I ever agree with LPs choice of lead single except What I've Done. Sorry for now 6/10 See this one falls on the No Roads spectrum for me. But the weird chipmunk noise would have had me skipping if I wasn't listening to this as a whole. I like Chester doing the rap, but UGH why the effect on his voice. Halfway right 5/10 The bits without minimal music and just Chester trick me into liking this one haha. I just don't get the thought process behind the music on this album. It's even more disappointing when um you consider how long they spent on this album. One more light 9/10 This should have been the closer. And I think this is a good one is again good because of the lack of music. If this had been an acoustic album this would be a whole different ballgame. Sharp edges 7/10 I like this one for at least sounding kinda unique. Third favorite of the album, but not what I would have picked for the closer. This is what I would expect from a LP pop experiment. And minimal music is what is working for me this album. One More Light Album 5.5/10 (4am math so I'll double check when I get sleep) Albums ranking: Meteora (10/10), ATS (9/10), Hybrid Theory (9/10), MTM (8.5/9), The Hunting Party (7/10), OML (5.5/10), Living Things (4/10) TL:DR Chester sounded great, but that doesn't make up for bad music behind him, Should have been a acoustic album, never should have released Heavy especially as the lead single, Talking to Myself, One More Light, Sharp Edges are the only songs going on my LP Playlist, and I would have rather had the STP/Chester album than this. Bring on LP 8. Please be better than the last 3. *sigh*
  13. I think Soul covered the ticketmaster portion of this pretty well, so here's my piece on LPU having some level of responsibility. First, this sucked all around. We were basically scammed into buying cds and LPU, considering it promised presale. While technically I did get in, if you try to log into LPU right now it pops with a disclaimer saying you needed to be part of LPU earlier to get into this presale. So it's fairly obvious that being in LPU implied we get presale before others. It's the only reason I renewed. As it turned out you didn't need to spend a dime to be in group one to buy tickets. I absolutely feel cheated and manipulated. FYI I have a bunch of copies of OML now. They didn't explain ticket limits which really screwed up my friends. They didn't explain city limits. They activated all the codes at once. And they removed legit people in line. Cherry on top for me was being part of the Houston presale, which was through the Toyota Center instead of Ticketmaster. And here's where I'm pissed at LPU. Houston presale is May 16th at 10am. This was never conveyed until multiple fellow Houstonians called the venue. Credit to Toyota Center for responding, but this is something that should have been told up front. This should have been part of the tour announcement to begin with. No way they didn't know about this beforehand. I wasted an hour at work trying to figure out what happened. So you can say this is all stobelight and ticketmaster, but LPUHQ should have been monitoring this. It's what I paid for. It's infuriating to me that they still have yet to say anything about this. You might contract someone to do a job, but you still have to manage it. But even before this LPUHQ was fine pushing off FAQ's for fans to LPL, so I guess I'm not surprised. This whole experience put me off LPU again and I'll wait till it's revamped again, and hope it's run better.
  14. Has it been confirmed there will be a summit?
  15. Linkin Park Presale Update: Hi Raquel. While you will still be offered the exclusive opportunity to purchase presale tickets, we regret to inform you that this morning's communications to your city (which is Houston) were sent in error. You can use your code at any other city today. Feel free to contact verifiedfansupport@ticketmaster.com, should you have any questions.
  16. Looks like cities didn't matter either. People using their codes early and for different cities. I was absolutely ripped of for LPU and buying a pre-order of the album.
  17. Same. Also groups don't matter. If you have a code then buy now. The Houston thing is ridiculous. I'm at work and can't sit here all day trying to figure this out. Where is Lorenzo?! Also, 2 ticket limit instead of 4. Really screwed over some friends of mine.
  18. Can't express my joy. Might skip OML tour for this. Definitely going to try and go to both shows.
  19. I thought it was probably his family. I think if most people had the option to stay at home with their family and not HAVE to work then they would. It sucks because the STP shows have been more enjoyable then the last couple of LP shows I was at and you could see how much Chester enjoyed it. Selfishly I hope he continues to do one offs with STP/Kings of Chaos because he's so talented, but I could never feel ill will towards kids who want to see their dad.
  20. Amazing post about STP. 2 very short years. I absolutely believe if Mike wanted to do FM in a full album then Mike would get the time and Chester would have stayed in STP. But that's just me. It's interesting reading this to see that LP didn't seem as into THP, even though I think fans loved it. Way better than Living Things and I'm still hoping to hear KTTK or AFN live. But no summit, no mention of redoing the US tour, the super lame festival tour, the lack of overseas shows. Just weird to me. I'm thankful for the small time Chester was with STP. Wasn't something I realized I really wanted. If they play a one off show I'm flying anywhere to see it
  21. Maybe this is just a sad time for me and Mark because we have similar feelings for Chester. I got into LP because of Chester. DBS was a let down because too much electronic was added in for me. STP was finally what I thought DBS would be, but better because the DeLeos are amazing musicians. I got a chance to see my favorite singer in an intimate venue for under $50. Not something I can say about LP. Very biased because of that intimate setting I got HUGE interaction with Chester and the rest of STP. LP is so rehearsed now to me. Chester, just my opinion, was having more fun with STP. I hope so much we get the unreleased songs or get a reunion tour. Joss Stone isn't doing it for me, but STP definitely will have me as a fan for life. It was just so nice to go to a show and see the whole band into the crowd and show. Again if you didn't see STP then I don't think you'd get that this is a huge shame that this Era has ended. I want Chester to he happy and I had no doubt he'd pick LP over STP, but I think a lot of people were worried because, even if they don't admit it, they could see how much Chester enjoyed STP. Plus I think Chester got way more creative input with STP. LP is Mike's bandband and I don't think that's ever been in question. So definitely don't think he left STP to work more with LP. I belive that STP asked for more of his time and Chester couldn't give it because of lp/his family. Now if lp/Mike pressured him... We'll probably will never know. The only significant part to me is that I saw my last STP show and wasn't prepared for it all to end.
  22. Sucks. STP with Chester has been more enjoyable than LP for me lately. I agree with Mark. For me LP has been going through the motions. Chester always gives 100%, but it was nice to see Eric, Dean, and Rob all smiling and interacting with the crowd. It is still blowing my mind because the show in September was so good. Kills me that they never released the album. I guess I hope that LP steps it up. The shirt nonsense hasn't helped, and I'll miss being able to see Chester in an intimate venue for only $40-50. You have no idea what you missed if you didn't go to a show! Also bless you Astat for the little ray of hope. I really hope they do another show, even if it's a goodbye show.
  23. Nope. Nope nope nope nope. I can't believe it. They had so much fun when I saw them in September. They're working on a new album. Until I see the band release a statement I want to write this off as Scott being a nut. How would he even know? He left on such bitter terms and I think Dean or Robert said they haven't spoke in a long time. If this is true I'll be heartbroken.
  24. Only played Crawling, Papercut, In The End, One Step Closer and APFMH. It was a nice interview, but I don't think anyone on this site learned anything. Missed what they said before Crawling, but before Papercut they just mentioned it was a great opener for the album, In The End was the story of Mike sleeping in the studio and having Rob listen to it when he came in the next day, One Step Closer was about the label trying to kick Mike out, and APFMH was about Alessandro and the fantastic show in Rome.
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