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  1. Numbrocker, what was the encore? Meatplow, Piece Of Pie and Trippin' as was reported or just Piece Of Pie and Trippin' as your setlist picture suggests?


    Meatplow, Piece of Pie, and Trippin' was the encore. I'm assuming the report was from me because I was tweeting the setlist. They might have done that because Dead and Bloated ended so well that it seemed like the perfect time.

  2. I had a blast at this show!! Chester sounded fantastic and you could tell he really enjoyed the show. Plus Dean, Eric, and Robert were jamming the whole time. I 10000% recommend going to see STP if you have a chance.


    Here my instagram with some pictures and video. I might upload some more, but I only had my phone and ipod with me, so the sound sucks, but it looks good. Also instagram only allows 15 sec snippets.


    No real show notes to add except that I saw Chester side stage with Eric during 10 years. And of course the debut of Crackerman with Chester singing.


    Honestly was my favorite concert I've ever been too. A lot of that has to do with personal interaction with Chester, but also because of how great Chester sounded. That genre of music is just perfect for his voice! Plus I didn't have to pay and arm and a leg for good seats!


    Edit: Also if someone found good video of Out of Time I would love you forever!

  3. Say what you want about the Warped crowd but they ROCKED IT! Plus the band looked like they had fun so not sure why all the complaining. Had a blast watching the videos! So some of the guests sounded bad, the point of this show was to have fun and introduce themselves to a group of people who might not have seen LP before. My favorites were Faint and OSC, and APFMH even though I couldn't really hear Jeremy.

  4. The worst part for me was losing some friends on there, and then not remembering their usernames. I didn't have a twitter or knew them on facebook so they were just gone.


    In fact I think I joined LPL because I wanted a reliable and decent forum. IDK who picked Ning, because that forum layout was AWFUL. That's what lost a lot of people. And now with twitter and LPL/LPA, they've made the LP.com/LPU irrelevant for the more hardcore fans IMO.


    I think they could get a lot of the more causal fans back if they had a good layout. I mean people still posted on the Ning one. I just can't imagine a worse layout.

  5. I am onsite right now.

    Massive THP posters on the hoardings in the arena, no tour adverts though (re: autumn tour rumours).

    LP's merch this cycle is awesome, but it's £25 a pop..


    Tomorrow can't come soon enough, but now, it's beer o'clock


    EDIT: something interesting in the programme: "Bennington reveals that the band had been weighing up something far more low key [to celebrate/play HT in full], namely a run of US club dates under [a psedonym band name] in [hybrid theory's] 15th anniversary year of 2015. "That would have been so so cool" he enthuses, "but then download got in touch and it kinda felt like the universe was telling us to do something. We had to do it"."


    A run of US club dates


    As in multiple dates


    So more people could go



  6. That was a great LPTV! Takes a bit of the mystery out of the setlist of course, but I really wasn't expecting High Voltage or My December to make an appearance. But who knows, maybe they'll change it up?


    BID is the only thing I don't like about the setlist, but other than that it's gonna be fantastic! I'm so glad we're at least getting the Hybrid Theory portion of the show on a good quality mp3! Anyone going to Download better rock extra hard for the rest of us!!!

  7. It's believed that the song will premiere on Monday if you want to wait till then.


    I think this is the first big leak for THP. Rebellion was posted on the Russia iTunes right before Chester's interview with BBC 1. I don't remember their being one for UIG or GATS. And of course Mike "leaked" Wastelands.


    For the fellow fans holding out, we only have 10 more days!! (or until the whole album leaks somewhere).

  8. The promotion strategy is weird... I don't know if it is really working, is it? lol

    The lack of LPTV's is killing me... and it's also extremely hard to not listen to Wastelands and Rebellion


    I'm wondering where the LPTVs are. I think Lorenzo or Adam said that there wasn't a documentary DVD with the German release (when we didn't know it was gonna be the live show) because we get LPTVs, but there haven't been any...


    I'd rather have a DVD to be honest, but I do miss the studio LPTVs.


    :P It is actually pretty smart on one side for the casual buyers to make a descision whether to invest in the whole album


    I think this is great for consumers. All I know is that its very hard to resist listening too. Waiting for the 17th! :P

  9. Another charity show for the STP members from Chestah.


    I wouldn't say that at all. Chester seems to really enjoy playing with them and he sounds great doing it. I'm definitely getting tickets for this! Awesome venue, awesome bands! Gonna be a great show!


    I really hope they play all of High Rise, but we'll see. Still waiting for the next STP full album.

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