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  1. Apparently Mike said at the M&G that Brad is sick. What I don't understand is, when something like this happens there's literally no official comment about it.

    Just like in West Palm Beach this year, no one said what happened, what caused the show to be delayed and have a shortened set. People pay a ton of money for the shows and deserve an explanation.


    Doesn't even take a minute to say "We are sorry Brad couldn't be here tonight, he's sick and Benjamin plays tonight" that's it. But screwing with people is apparently better.

    Well before this it's usually a problem with Chester and we used to get LPTVs about it. The West Palm show was weird because it seemed like a personal problem as well as a physical one. But it seems like this tour they just don't say anything. A tweet would work.

  2. The way you guys were talking I was expecting something truly horrible on BID. And instead it was just a minor slip that they rolled with. I think we can give Mike a pass since I bet he was frustrated at his keyboard and he rarely messes up anyway. Plus Chester sounded great. And this is from someone who wants BID off the set list more than any song.


    We don't know anything about Brad, so I'm hoping he's ok. Personally doubt he'd just not go because he didn't want to. And who wouldn't want to? LP always gets AMAZING crowds in Brazil.

  3. So more on the Woodlands as a comparison. Joe started playing the guitar they had for the acoustic set and they had a fan (minus? Might be his username) sing along. I'll upload it soon and post it on LPL. Joe also was kind enough to draw a picture for this girl in the M&G line. Chester dominated the Q&A and M&G. He was so into it. Also they asked him about STP. Pretty sure his comment about the band's treatment of him was a dig at Scott too. He said STP thanks him for knowing the words to the songs, while LP has never done that. Of course Pheonix thanks him the next second. There were the dumb questions in there but I don't know how you fix that problem.


    I was surprised but Rob took the most time after Chester (who took so long he got lapped by Mike) and Mike in the line talking to fans. Phoenix was great as usual. Joe funny. Just Brad was in and out. I don't even think I got a full signature.

  4. Lol I forgot. The reason we knew which places were getting the summit was based n the M&G packages. So it has to be decided beforehand.


    Band Q&A was all fan questions in Houston but they were late and the speakers sucked. Individual photos would take forever. Maybe small groups instead. And the crew Q&A was cool but was log since the band was late. I know Mike and Phoenix were there on time because of the backstage tour they do. But I remember in Camden the fan portion of it was great. I always meet people and in Houston got to meet more fans.


    And yeah passes were $90 or in TX $75 at the door if you had LPU and you wouldn't be a shirt

  5. Houston did sell out before the summit was announced and there were quite a few people who didn't have tickets for the concert. I imagine that they plan this way before so they can't control if it sells out or not. Though I think they should hold back some seats for the summit people just for this situation.


    Edit for Woodlands Summit thoughts.


    I got the chance to work the Summitbso I saw a bit of a different perspective. One main problem was the registration. Easily the biggest time delay. Best solution to me is just have everyone come an hour earlier. Plus in the Woodlands our passes had our names on it so that didn't help.


    I didn't do much activities but it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. Houston also had the benefit of having an A/C tent to hold the event. No conspiracy with the raffles or auctions. Corey won at Houston because she paid the most money at the auction. That's how auctions work. And lots of random people won the raffles.


    I think Lorenzo just needs to hit his groove. I bet the early summits with Adam were rough too. But I still had a great time. I highly recommend doing a summit!

  6. @burningdaylite: @Numbrocker02 he did an awesome job! it would be cool if you guys had a shirt that said "everybody calm down - we got the setlist!" or smth.



    A mention from twitter. Maybe a "Keep Calm. We Got the Setlist." shirt :P

  7. Wow I think it took me a second after seeing the Carnivores design before buying it. Also happy the old shirts are there because mine have been washed a lot and now I can get new ones! Designs are amazing Overkill!! And THANK YOU LPL staff for having a women's option for every shirt. LP store and bands in general should take note!

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