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  1. LP has such a diverse catalogue that I have no doubt they can push it to 100 mins easy. Although the big complaint is the lack of THP during the THP tour, especially when it was designed to be a live album. Mike or whoever said that a couple of times. Really that bothers me more than anything. If some songs were meant to be just studio then tell us that. I'll just keep hoping next tour is better.

  2. This is so hard for me to look at from an extremely non biased perspective of a hardcore fan who's been blessed to see them multiple times.


    But even as a causal fan the middle section of the set is SLOW and kills the crowd.


    10. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent
    11. Robot Boy Shortened
    12. Joe Solo Medley
    15. Darker Than Blood
    16. Burn It Down
    17. Mike Solo Medley


    These are my problem songs. I compare it to seeing Rise Against. RA is pretty loud and fast their whole set, but they throw in Swing Life Away in the middle, which is what I consider to be similar to the ballad medley. Though at this point I think they could trade out another "slow" song like Final Masquerade or I'll Be Gone, or an acoustic cover of one of their songs.


    Then it's RB and Joe's Medley back to back and it just kills the crowd. I don't see rock fans (which are the crowd LP gets at festivals) care about solos unless they're guitar solos. Then for them to add Darker Than Blood first over so many albums songs that haven't debuted KILLS me, plus again no one knows wtf is happening.


    And then BID. Like I get that people like Burn It Down, it's on their top 5 for Spotify, so I guess that has to stay. However, if I myself was going to cut a song for my own fantasy/hardcore setlist then it would be one of the first to go. Never really enjoyed the live version.


    Mike's medley is weird to me. I was so surprised at the 2 festival shows I went to that no one really reacted to Remember the Name besides people who I knew were hardcore fans. And then on Carnivores I had seats and again not a big reaction. Much more love for the Encore part of Numb Encore. If it was dropped, I wouldn't mind.


    What we, the LPL members who appreciate non singles, need is another LPU tour. But that went up in smoke when Download offered them $$$ and they didn't do their club tour idea.


    tl:dr: I'm not trilled with the slower, single heavy, shortened song setlist and am hoping it changes in the next private tour. NO MORE US FESTIVALS!

  3. Mike I think should say something. Mark might be fact checking but it only takes one stupid click bait headline to ruin what Mike is doing. I was feeling bad for Ryu until his last post. Now I don't know what to believe. The FM name thing is obviously wrong. And I don't buy that he didn't realize that Mike was shooting a music video. Could this be a way to get his name out their for his solo album? Maybe.

  4. Why did you guys embedded a slowed down version on this post. That is crazy


    Fixed. I guess someone put it there in place of the new video. So many fake Fort Minor accounts on Youtube. I had to go to Mike's site to get the right one, but since Mike didn't put up a lyric video I just took it down. Everyone should watch the 360 version anyways. :P

  5. I don't know about the Nov 24 thing since that's very old, but agree with Mark. Mike couldn't ask for better timing. 10 year anniversary and Chester already has committed the end of the year to STP (hoping that they do drop their album this fall/winter).


    And from what I've seen everyone is still excited, even if it's just the one song. If he only intended on just doing the one song during LP shows, he could have just made the social media stuff and hosted it on LP or his website.


    I just hope the shows are announced because he made it seem like they wouldn't be if he wished fans good luck about knowing and getting into them.

  6. Also to clarify for those who didn't see the periscope, Mike said he might play SOME shows, but "they'll be small and hard to get into, so good luck with that. No plans for a big tour".


    Dunno if that means the shows will be for his friends, or probably just LA exclusive things.


    Thought not a big fan, I'd take this over Mike's rap medley. Do wonder when exactly he'll be adding it to the LP set.

  7. I give up haha. I wish Mike was a more straight forward kinda guy, but I feel like if this wasn't legit he'd at least say that. Thinking more and more now that they might be rebranding Fort Minor into something else. Or Mike is just silly. Either one.

  8. I was so busy posting I didn't actual notice the logo just had a big X over it haha. Hmm from a marketing perspective it would be silly to throw away that brand recognition. But maybe he will announce a new name on Conan, but for now he's being billed as Fort Minor.

  9. Mike is Fort Minor. He doesn't need to change the name. But wow unless something like Tak happened with Ryu, then I feel bad for him. Maybe Mike got the opportunity and just went with it. To me it seems really sudden that there's a show in the middle of the LP stuff. I honestly thought he'd wait till September, like when Chester is doing STP. Regardless, it's very exciting. Definitely watching Conan on Monday.

  10. Do you feel the same about covers?

    Wish was ok because they didn't really have enough songs and they've played HT and Meteora in full. I saw Cure for the Itch instead of We Made It and was happy. So yeah at this point when I'm still waiting to hear stuff from the album they're touring, I'm annoyed covers/side songs are being played. I've been saying forever that they should drop New Divide because it's not an album song.

  11. I don't like GATS opening. Too many people still don't know the song and the crowd starts out meh. With that epic Papercut intro the crowd was really into it. Havent watched the stream, and I was at the back barricade, but all of us were rocking. So please keep papercut/awesome intro as the first song.


    ALITS is my favorite song from THP so I was worried, but I had a blast. I think it was an amazing debut! Hope it stays in the set for a headline tour but considering Mike's face I have my doubts.


    No idea why they had Joes solo after blackout. Not the place for it, too long of instrumental. Also not a great reaction to Mike's medley from where I was. But really I just want them to drop BID and ND, however casual fans loved it.

  12. Predicting ALITS. I bet they drop APFMH for it and use it to open the encore in the full set. They'll drop some shit for this shortened show.


    Set something like this....



    Given Up

    From the Inside






    Ballad Medley

    Burn It Down


    Final Masq





    maybe one of these: New Divide short or Crawling short




    Pretty sure this is very close. I'm hoping they webcast! If not I'll make sure to remember the setlist.

  13. Mike can say visceral until he's blue in the face, but the fact is that the songs they choose (or the label choose?) were a radio edition of GATS, Final Masquerade, and Until It's Gone. I take everything Mike says with a grain of salt.


    But yeah they could do what they want, but if they put out a pop album and play that more than THP I'll be pretty upset.


    Edit: ALSO, I thought Mike said THP was supposed to be a LIVE ALBUM? That they were excited to hear these songs live. Because I thought I heard that again with LP7 but I can't remember who said it.

  14. Voted for ALITS. It's my favorite song off THP and my second favorite LP song (it was my first favorite since THP came out, but some time ago it changed to Primo). I want to hear ALITS live in Rybnik, Poland. Oh wait, I want to hear all of these thp songs live! Drop shitty Wastelands and Runaway, Crawling, BID, ND, Joe Solo and play studio version of BIO, no that 6-minutes long 2014/15 version with extented bridge. Bring back Rebellion, UIG, play A Line In The Fucking Sand and more unplayed songs from thp.

    Heard studio version of BIO in Vegas in 2013 and it was meh. Can't close a show with just the studio version. It was boring compared to having something extra.


    Though I agree that I rather have the majority of THP over Wastelands and DROP BID/ND PLEASE! Crawling you could rotate. Like maybe doing actual different setlists.

  15. Why can't they drop BID and ND for new THP songs. I'm so tired of BID and ND isn't even an album song.


    While I love APFMH and FTI, I've been lucky enough to see them so I'm on Team New Song.


    But with a 75 minutes set for Vegas I imagine it will be single city. Really I'm surprised LP was even thinking new song for this festival tour. Made more sense for the THP shows.

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