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  1. the guys for sure have a lot of xero related stuff in their "basements". honestly i wouldn't be surprised if one of them had one of their shows as xero recorded somewhere, and who knows what else could they hold onto - re-recorded stuff? other xero tracks? tracks that were in between xero and hybrid theory times? damn, maybe even brad/rob hold onto some really old relative degree stuff, as far as we know someone could've even recorded that show and just over time forgot about it. only time will show if we'll ever see this stuff but coming back to that rhinestone version, that really would be a fun christmas present if you released it then, or a nice way to start new decade if you release it on 31st/1st. no pressure, tho — i can just imagine how long can waiting for a reply take.
  2. I have one question: how, in your opinion, could they show a vocalist if the vocalist is chester and we all know why isn't he in the video?
  3. nothing makes me cry and reminds me about chester more than the empty microphone. and the calendar, both the first thursday (as the only in first week) and the 20th crossed in black. I don't think it was a clickbait; it would be weird if there was like a full band without even a sign of a vocalist. it's a good video. it can hurt, but it's good.
  4. if you would explain to me how does this work, I think I could help you! count me in
  5. which ones? I'm actually curious and tbh I'd love to hear a thousand suns and meteora's instrumentals. I wonder if we'll ever get them
  6. but let's be honest, Primo IS better than I'll Be Gone *also cries in across the line deserved better* but in all honesty, I'm a mix between this two
  7. I knew that there won't be Poland but I kept fingers crossed for Prague — and I got it! Yas! I have to go there, especially that literally the next day after Prague, on March 20th is my birthday, so it will be a great present!
  8. yeah, it sounds awful that you have to pay again like, I understand but at the same time I'm like... it sounds reaaally greedy
  9. I really hope he'll visit some European countries - I've got fingers crossed for a Poland show. Also I feel like he might add to to it some kind of Asia/Australia/South America tour, which would be nice for people from countries there
  10. I can't really hear him too much. What exactly is he doing? also, if he touched APFMH, he really is unpredictable right now so I bet on TLTGYA or LOATR
  11. my list is...it is. idk. sharp edges is the best from one more light imo nobody can save me - 7.5/10 good goodbye - 6/10 talking to myself - 7.5/10 battle symphony - 8/10 invisible - 5/10 heavy - 8/10 sorry for now - 9/10 halfway right - 6/10 one more light - 9/10 sharp edges - 10/10
  12. A raw/first version of A Line In The Sand, In Pieces or Iridescent? sign me up, I'd love to hear it! Also, if there were versions of some songs with intro like Acetate version of Across the Line, these ones would be very interesting. Acetate intro is one of my favourites, so... yeah.
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