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  1. I'm talking about after the contract ends. Surely they won't still get a % of the sales and shows then?
  2. I guess we'll see what happens when their contract with WB ends. What does WB own? The rights to all their albums so far? What about unreleased demos?
  3. What is the instrument that is played at the very start of Waiting for the End? I thought it was guitar, but it isn't in astat's guitar tabs.
  4. Yeah he is, I just edited the acapella so everyone can clearly hear: Jump to 0:19 or 0:54
  5. What's the theory of 17 songs? I thought it was confirmed there were 17 songs that were strongly considered for MtM?
  6. Here is a quote from a user on a Rock Band fansite I visit, that sums things up quite nicely:
  7. As far as I know, no. The Rock Band song files are going to be a lot more difficult to open this time.
  8. Just listening to it now, here's what's new: Joe: "What I've Done is the first single off this album, and it encompasses what the album is about, for me at least. It deals with being at a point in time, where you recognize the past, and you're kind of figuring out what to do next." Rob: [talking about What I've Done] "It's a great song for us to put out there as the first single, to kind of tie together some of the stuff we've done in the past, with where we're going, and I think it's a great different bridge for our fans, to bring them over from this other part where we were before, over into the new music that we've made. And I think it even took us a little bit to cross that bridge." Chester and Pheonix then say a lot more about What I've Done.
  9. I don't know if anyone noticed this before, but the LPU1 version of "Part of Me" doesn't have Chester screaming "Cut myself free" in the pre-chorus, while he does in the 7 / 8 track demos.
  10. Are there any truly reliable sources? Something things even Mike or Chester say are wrong. If wikipedia page says something, and nothing else contradicts it, it can be taken as the closest thing to the truth we have. In this case however, the HT site is probably more accurate
  11. Would it be possible to make the LP Remix Guide link post the new version of the guide? Its on the same thread, just at the bottom of the page.
  12. I did not start listening to Linkin Park until around the time Living Things came out, but I love all their albums. Although I don't think HT is their best, I really do like it, and it has some of my absolute favourite songs, like In The End, Papercut, Crawling, and A Place For My Head. HT is probably my 3rd/4th favourite album from them, but they're all really close so it's hard to tell.
  13. There are some people who prefer the old stuff, some people who prefer the new stuff, but no decent fan site is going to give you shit for liking any of their songs. I quite like Valentine's Day, especially the ending. Many people like Minutes to Midnight, it is one of my favourite albums simply because it has so much variety. The idea of Given Up and In Between on the same album is pretty funny to me, and I love how many different songs we got from that album.
  14. Yeah he definitely did, when Chester is holding a note you can hear him sing something else at the same time, and the vocals just don't normally sound that great.
  15. I'm sure Mike's been writing since shortly after THP came out, so that's over a year. We also knew he had multiple demos ready around the time Welcome was produced, which could have been either LP or FM demos. I'm not all at surprised Mike is ready to start recording something.
  16. I'm kind of hoping they pick up where Living Things left off. I think an electronic hard rock album would be pretty cool. Songs like Blackout, Lost in the Echo, and Victimized could make for a pretty cool album. They could make use of their new guitar / drum skills from THP, while also not leaving behind some of the amazing things they could do with electronic sounds. But at the same time I love their softer songs like In My Remains, Powerless, and Iridescent, so I guess I would be happy with just about anything
  17. I'm excited for Rebellion to be in Rock Band, but it's a shame PS4 owner's can't get it.
  18. That's right! I could see some sort of a collaboration working that way. Here's a link to where it's confirmed.
  19. Dyrus is one of the most popular pros of all time, and xPeke is probably one of the most popular EU pros, . These two guys retiring will have some impact on LCS views, thats all I'm saying. Although there is no source that confirms whether or not the lol playerbase is increasing every year, I would agree it is, but because of Asia. I believe NA / EU's growth has slowed down, or possibly stopped, and within a year or two, we could see it begin to decline. Also, as you may already know, one of the most famous internet personalities, VideoGameDunkey, was banned (for 14 days I think), and . He certainly has a lot of power, and I believe he may have been able to change a lot of people's opinions with that video.
  20. Pros are losing interest, the most popular pro player is retiring very soon. The list of features the game needs but doesn't have is growing. They flat out said they won't add a sandbox mode, despite it being the most requested feature, along with replays. I played the game for years and finally quit. Obviously I don't know how many people play each day / month and whether or not it is decreasing, but I believe league has passed it's peak, my opinion of course. I don't think they are going to go out of business, but I do think dissatisfaction among players is increasing, that's all. Here's a source, 3 league of legends pros, with dyrus and xPeke being incredibly popular, stating they will most likely retire after worlds. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3c3qxu/xpeke_plans_to_retire_after_worlds/css21u9?context=3
  21. I feel like Linkin Park is too good for Riot Games, and I don't know why they would bother collaborating with them. League of Legends is on the decline, and I'd be kinda disappointed if LP worked with them. Obviously I'd be excited to hear a new song, but I just hope it isn't a song specific to league.
  22. 1. The Catalyst: Definitely my favourite song. The vocals sound amazing and the lyrics are some of my favourite they band has ever written. An absolutely amazing instrumental as well, from the cool sounding electronic "solo" after the second chorus, to the beautiful piano that comes in for the bridge. Mike singing "Lift me up, let me go", and the way it builds up until the songs ends with Chester singing "God bless us everyone" is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard. The drumming throughout this part is also incredible. 2. In My Remains: This song has a pretty great instrumental, but what really makes it great are the vocals. I absolutely love the lyrics in this song, and Chester does an amazing job singing them. When Mike starts singing the bridge is so awesome, and then once Chester joins in it really becomes something amazing. I love the way they continue the "one by one" throughout the last chorus, and then the song ends with Mike singing. Considering how great this song is, I'm surprised it wasn't released as a single. 3. In The End: I absolutely love the piano in this song. Then when you add on the drum beat and the vocals, you get a really amazing song. The guitar, bass, and other sounds also contribute, but the vocals really stand out in this song. This was the first song I heard with rap that I liked, and will always hold a special place in my heard. This song and Numb are what got me into Linkin Park, and will always be two of my favourites. 4. Faint: Great rap, really cool faced-paced instrumental, and some intense vocals from Chester. The bridge is the first song I ever heard with screaming, and it is absolutely incredible. The way Chester screams "I won't be ignored!" is one of the best screams he's every done. 5. Iridescent: I love the way this song starts with just piano, and builds up to the bridge. When the guitar comes in after the second chorus is really cool, and then the gang vocals are absolutely amazing. When everyone is singing "Let it gooooooooo" is one of my favourite moments out of any song. The drums that come in during the bridge are really good as well. 6. Numb: An awesome sounding song, many cool sounds in this song, from the drums to the piano we hear throughout the song. The vocals are amazing as well, Chester does an incredible job. And although all Mike really does is say "Caught in the undertow", I feel like he does contribute a lot to the song, and it would feel more empty without him. 7. Rebellion: Definitely my favourite song off The Hunting Party. Mike's vocals in this song are incredible, and the harmony between him and Chester is awesome. The thing that originally got me interested in Linkin Park was the fact that they had two vocalists, which is just so cool, and this song makes great use of it. The drums and guitar are absolutely incredible, Daron certainly brings an awesome sound to this song, I'm glad they worked with him. 8. Somewhere I Belong: This song has an awesome sounding instrumental, the intro sounds absolutely incredible. The vocals really stand out as well, and the way they make use of both vocalists is amazing, with Chester saying a few lines over Mike's verses, and Mike rapping "erase all the pain 'til it's gone" under the chorus. 9. Bleed It Out: No song will ever get me as hyped as this one does. From the electric guitar that dominates the instrumental, to Mike's awesome raps, to Chester's great vocals, this song is definitely my favourite off Minutes to Midnight. 10. Lost in the Echo: An awesome song that perfectly blended their new style with their old style, to create one incredible track. The instrumental for this song sounds very cool, and the vocals are absolutely incredible. Mike's raps are great, and Chester singing the chorus sounds amazing. I also love how each chorus sounds different from the last, and I like the way they play around with the second one. I think this might be the most recent song where we can really hear Joe on the turntable.
  23. They said it would be something new, so nothing has shown it will be closer to ATS than THP
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