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  1. So i recently found out on this website that there was a re-recorded digital version of Rhinestone played on the tv show "The Crow" would there be any way to get this? who should i try and contact to talk about this? the producer of that episode, or the editor?
  2. You dont really need a creditcard, i have been buying things online for years now and dont even have one, i only have a bank card i can access my bank with an atm and buy things irl at stores, i just buy Pre-paid creditcards and put all the money into my paypal and then buy CD's So if you have any money just buy a pre-paid creditcard/giftcard ect
  3. Anyone know the Budget for the Burn It Down music video?
  4. Anyone know who Mixed/Engineered In The End?
  5. Thankyou! you know if any other album got a 5.1 release and is uploaded here in separate files?
  6. Anybody know where i can listen to those 5.1 Reanimation layers?
  7. Goddamn this is exciting, some of us take a one year holiday and tip in for a big bus and fuel and all of us fans should just have a hunt around America going to every single record store and collecting all information to the smallest minute detail about the rapology albums, get every connection possible untill we finally find it, Vlog the entire thing, blast Linkin Park, Xero and Fort Minor songs in our bus speakers, It would make Linkin Park history, a linkin park fan roadtrip
  8. I've heard multitracks got ripped from video games right like rock band, but i've also heard some still have not been cracked from the game yet? which Lp songs still need to be cracked?
  9. So my "My December" Promo CD just came today and i think i may of been scammed with a Fake. but this is my first time buying a promo CD online so who knows? when i look at the CD here http://lpcatalog.com/item/2001_hybrid-theory-misc/promo/my-december_clone-cd_us it looks alot different to the one i got in the mail today the one i got http://imgur.com/a/wZWGX The text on mine is darker and more Blurry, does that mean mine is fake?
  10. Anyone have any brief info on the My December single Promo CD? the one released in December of 2000
  11. Imagine walking around with This Xero tape with a walkman you would feel like some God it would be the most ultimate Hipster thing
  12. So you are actually selling it? the real thing? you haven't forged a replica and secretly keeping the real one? how many of these even are there? I might actually buy this. EDIT: i just checked and realized that you are Percy sorry for questioning you on the legitness of this. I have never bought anything from Ebay before and i've never owned any Physical Rare CD's but i think if i owned this it would quench my collectors thirst for my entire life. I must have this. I would pay up to 1000 for this if i had the money, but lets just see how the bidding goes My god i want this so bad, i will be so disappointed if someone Snips it at last second does anyone know how many of these they are Even Later Edit: I could buy it from his Discogs right now and get the infamous 9 track cd. i have been back and forth in my mind for the last 3 days if i should just get it or not but i have decided not too, should probably use my money to pay off some school debt I hope i dont regret this for the rest of my life since i doubt it will ever be on sale again. I could get it right now, but i chose not to.
  13. Has linkin park ever done a Live cd where their mic feed was recorded during the live performance and later on Mixed for a live cd like do they have a really produced live cd? like instead of it just being a mono recording it's a produced and mixed live track with the studio instrumental, stuff like that and if so does that cd have a Clean version counterpart?
  14. Okay Astat with this Knowledge you will be Unstoppable. You know when you look up Tutorials on how to make an acapella and they are all like "If you have the instrumental version of the song you can line it up with the original version and invert the wavelengths to cancel out the instrumental to just leave vocals" Well it is essentially that method. but it doesn't always have to be instrumental against original song. Now if you were to invert a song against itself everything would cancel out and leave complete silence because everything is the same, all frequencies are canceling out the exact same frequencies. But what do you think would happen if lets say you completely line up the first chorus of a song against the second chorus of the same song? Would they completely cancel each-other out? they do sound exactly the same right? all chorus in a song are just copies of each-other? Well no. Imagine mixing a song, having the multi-tracks, and for the first chorus you have every stem at a certain volume, after you have finished mixing the first verse you get up to the second chorus, now do you mix this chorus the EXACT same way as you did the first one? well 99% of the time, the person mixing will tend to mix it just a tiny bit differently, They might add in extra instruments, they might make certain stems abit louder compared to the first one, or they might make the vocals louder. Now lets say they keep everything the same except the volume of the vocals in the chorus, So the only difference between Chorus 1 and chorus 2 are that the vocals are louder in the second one. Now when the song is rendered and you have the file, what do you think would happen when you line up chorus one and chorus two and invert one against the other? Well since they were mixed differently they will not cancel each other out completely, everything that is the same between the 2 will cancel out and everything that is different will not, So in this case it is the vocals that are different since they differ in volume, therefore making the wavelengths different. everything will cancel out except the vocals, Leaving you with an acapella of the chorus. that method is how i got that result for the SuperXero file, the reason it sounded the way it did is because i lined up the choruses on-top of each other and inverted the phase of the wavelength against one another, so everything that you don't hear and sounded like was missing from the chorus in that was because in the mix Mike or whoever mixed it kept certain stems the same volume, and everything you do hear in it was the stems that he has changed. But that other extraction i did with Mike's whisper vocals in the Crawling demo, How did i do that? well this was really fun for me since there are so many alternate mixes of it that have been changed very slightly i lined up the demo from the 8 trackdemo against the 9 trackdemo and everything that was the same canceled out, and everything Mike changed showed. his whispers were perfectly isolated because he changed the volume of that whisper stem in one of the demos but kept the instrumental the same at that part also his "Rain Drops" verse was slightly different in a few of the demo's so i managed to get a clear isolation of his verse, and also good isolation of his background vocals in that verse http://picosong.com/TFcx/ Other cool things you can extract by doing this is layers of vocals that were added into a later mixed demo. I phased one of the "Part of Me" demo's against another version and i got left with a weird vocal who i dont know http://picosong.com/TFYK/ That voice is there because in the 9 track it is mixed with just chester singing that part and in the 8track it is mixed with someone else singing, so phased together chester's layer cancels out and gets left with the other layer. This can be also done to make acapella's i phased both the 2track version of by-myself against the hybridtheory.com version and because the verses were re-recorded but the instrumental was the same, the beat canceled out and left both the vocal takes isolated http://picosong.com/TFfC/ the cancellation was not perfect because the quality between the 2 files were very different from each-other, so always do it with the best quality versions. http://picosong.com/TF5P/ Can be used to make instrumentals aswell, like for Carousel i phased 2 demos together and since mike's vocals during the verses were kept untouched but he changed the instrumental his verses canceled out and left the beat. You can hear backups from chester because they were either changed or added in to one of them. i always find it funny just before the chorus it sounds like chester is saying "YOU'RE TO WEAK TO PHASE ME" and then his voice does not get phased out like he predicted i would try this http://picosong.com/TFfW/ So yea, this phasing method can basically be used to result in anything, it's all luck, it all depends how the 2 components differ in mixing Remember if you are phasing choruses together always right click one of them and "Convert to Unique copy" this is just so you can click the invert effect and it will only invert the unique one, without converting to unique copy they will both invert and it wont work since one needs to be opposite another. Also to my surprise this does not work on Linkin park studio albums. whoever masters their songs knows about this trick and purposely makes it so if you do line up wavelengths they wont phase successfully, this can be done by literally editing the file even in the slightest way so everything becomes uneven. But linkin park is the only albums i have come across that are actually protected by this i have only tried it with hybrid theory so i don't know if the others are able to or not. So basically if a song or a chorus has a counterpart that is just mixed differently u can do this, including clean versions of their songs. when whoever is censoring the songs for the censored album version, they might accidentally change something slightly, or even purposely change some things around thinking that nobody would ever find out So inverting the clean version against the normal version will result in whatever they changed. it usually results it getting clean vocal samples of them swearing since that's what they change. but sometimes clean versions of songs are alternate mixes aswell. And some files you try will be the same and will just leave you with a wet isolated sound, alot of the demo's on the 6/7/8 tracks are the same, like The Untitled is the exact same version. This can be done on pretty much every audio program software. remember when aligning the tracks they must be perfectly aligned, so zoom in completely and it may be very hard to start lining the waves perfectly and will feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack but after looking at them for long enough you will start to understand them. So for anyone wanting to try this, i will link you with 2 files to download, one will be of one of the crawling demo's from the 9 track and the other will be the demo from 8 track, i have already aligned these 2 files so all you have to do is put one ontop of the other one and press invert on 1 of the files, and if you hear Mike's whispers you have done it right, Just so you kind of get the jist of what do to, You will have to do the allinging work by yourself if you want to do it with any others http://picosong.com/TF2T/ http://picosong.com/TF27/ If i have forgotten to say anything here, i will edit this later on but hope you guys get the jist of it I turned 17 this year and looking forward in creating alot when it comes to music If you got any questions or you have extracted some cool stuff, post em' here
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