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  1. Hopefully someone asks about the live debut of Keys to the Kingdom. I would be surprised if we learn anything about the next album, but maybe Mike will surprise us. It would be nice to also learn about what might be on the next LP Underground album
  2. I would love to hear some of these demos as well, especially the victimized demo with gang vocals. There does exist a Blackout 'demo', the only main different is Mike has a different vocal take, he sings softer than on the album version. If you've never heard it, it's definitely worth checking out!
  3. I agree with what most people have already said, as long as it doesn't negatively affect the music, I'm happy. If it gives them more funds to improve their band, that's great!
  4. Here: https://youtu.be/zBj0zoOo-o8?t=1m56s
  5. I just prefer to hear Mike's voice instead of any other rappers. They already have Mike, there is no need for Rakim.
  6. I am interested in any demo with vocals, whether it's Meteora, Living Things, or THP, but the one thing I'd really like that I haven't seen requested, is a version of Guilty All The Same with Mike rapping.
  7. I found both sites around the same time, when I was looking for some good sources of information. On the LPA forums the people bash Linkin Park quite frequently, which seems bizarre to me, and is not at all what I'm interested in, so I really only use LPLive.
  8. It would be really cool to see him do Dedicated, I think that could fit into this show.
  9. Some mistakes I've found (or at least think I've found, I could be wrong): Untitled (In The End demo) A Place For My Head
  10. I just read through this whole thread, and although it's off-topic, a lot of people mentioned the LPA Wiki was unreliable. Where could I go to find lots of information about LP, such as interviews, demos, discography, etc.?
  11. THP is definitely one of my favourite albums. I like every song on it, though I do like some more than others. Keys to the Kingdom: I'm not a huge fan of the chorus, but I really like both Mike's parts and the instrumental, especially the guitar solo. The first time I heard this song, I listened to the first 5 seconds and couldn't stand it, so I skipped right over it. However, much later, I realized only the first chorus had a strange, robotic effect on it, so I ended up cutting out the first chorus, but left the full instrumental intact. So now it has a nice intro, that leads into Mike's singing verse, which I really like. All For Nothing: This song seems to get a lot of hate, but I really like it. I first started listening to this song because I really liked Mike's rap, and overtime the rest of the song grew on me. I think Page Hamilton is a welcome addition to this song, as the vocals do feel like they have 3 different parts, so it seems appropriate having a distinct voice for each one. Guilty All The Same: Definitely one of the best songs on the album, I rank it as my third favourite. Chester's vocals and the instrumental are really great. I really like the sound of the electric guitar in this song. The one thing I hated about this song was the addition of Rakim. There was just no good reason for it, I mean Mike is their rapper, why would they need to bring one in? For this reason, I usually listen to the radio edit, however if a studio version was ever released with Mike doing the rapping, it could be one of my favourite songs of their whole career. The Summoning: An interesting track, it has a lot of weird sounds, but I like the heavy guitar sound, and overall this track is a decent intro to War, and does serve it's purpose of being the 'calm before the storm'. War: A fast, high energy track that I quite enjoy listening to. Chester's vocals aren't really anything special on this song, but the instrumental is amazing, and has a really good guitar solo. Wastelands: This song is okay, it's one of my least favourites of the record, mainly because it feels so... uninspired? I mean the rap is nothing special, it probably has the worst instrumental of the album (imo), and it just feels like a poor man's version of a Meteora song (rap / chorus / rap / chorus / bridge / chorus). Until It's Gone: I quite like this song, Chester's vocals sound great, and the instrumental is just as good. This song seems to be the only one with any trace of a resemblance to Living Things, in the sense that there seem to be more instruments than just guitar / bass / drums, I think there are some computer added sounds, but I don't really know a lot about that kind of stuff. Also, I believe some of Chester's vocals in the background have a vocoder on them. I really like these things, and I always loved the way their songs seemed to use elements from previous albums. I remember Mike saying he didn't think he could have made Living Things without making all the albums that came before it, and I'd say in that regard, The Hunting Party is a step backward. Rebellion: Definitely my favourite song of this album, the instrumental is good, but the vocals are just amazing. I fell in love with Linkin Park because of all the cool things they can do with two vocalists, and this feels like the only song on The Hunting Party that truly takes advantage of it. Although Rob does an amazing job on drums throughout the entire album, the sound of the drums always stood out to me as particularly good on this song. My favourite part of this song is when the bridge is coming to an end, with Chester screaming and the instrumental speeding up, and then Mike starts singing 'We are the fortunate ones..." Marks the Graves: A really solid song, the instrumental is really good and the vocals are as well. I liked the harmony between Chester and Mike's vocals, though I think Mike's parts may be a little too loud at points, but that could be just me. I would say Brad, Rob, and Phoenix really stand out here, as the vocals don't really feel that special. I also like that there are some longer songs on this album, with three songs longer than 5 minutes, which is quite a change from their previous albums, although Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns did have some long songs as well. Drawbar: I don't really listen to this song much at all, mainly because I don't like the way the guitar sounds. However, the piano and drums sound good. I just listened to it while writing this, and I do like it better than I remember, perhaps the sound of the guitar will just take a little getting used to. I've never been a big fan of instrumentals, so perhaps I never really gave this song a chance. Final Masquerade: I like this song, but I don't think it is one of the best of the album. The instrumental is pretty simple and the vocals are nothing special either. It has some cool harmony parts with multiple layers of vocals, and I'm pretty sure Mike sings in the seconds chorus, so those things I like, adding more depth to the vocals is always a huge plus for me. However, overall this song just doesn't feel particularly special to me. A Line in the Sand: This song is a very close second for my favourite song of the album, and I really like everything about it. I love the sound of piano in their songs, and this one is no exception. The intro with Mike singing feels almost like Iridescent, and then the drums come in and the song really picks up, and shows why it fits in so well on The Hunting Party. This song really does feel like not just a summary of the whole album, but perhaps even their whole career, or at least as well as any song has so far. The intro and outro are one of the few examples on this album of them using elements from their past few albums, which are always a welcome addition.
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