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  1. If this is the actual version that's gonna be on the album, that's pretty disappointing. Mike's vocals sound great, but the song seems kinda unfinished to me.
  2. Actually didn't sound too bad, I'm not a fan of the EDM style, but I like this more than Darker Than Blood.
  3. Who said it was a DIY? Just because it wasn't official released, doesn't mean it's not official.
  4. Mike did say "The six of us have been more than enthusiastic about how this album is shaping up, and I’m happy to share this update!" So Joe must still be doing something.
  5. There exists a Runaway acapella. I'm listening to it right now and it is completely legit. I gained some respect for this song after hearing it's acapella.
  6. Nothing new, we have known an album should be coming second half of this year (give or take 6 months) for quite awhile now.
  7. My iTunes library is pretty small, but the songs I like, I listen to a lot
  8. When I go into a show page, and use the search function to search "This database", all the links just lead to the site's homepage.
  9. Does anyone have any sort of tab of how to play Primo on piano? If someone could just type out the keys of the main piano part that would be awesome. I can't even read sheet music but I'd like to know how to play it.
  10. I can see now why the pods were in the initial six songs, could you imagine if over six months all we got were the 3 pods, it would ruin a lot of hype.
  11. Wow that sounds really good. Definitely could be my favourite track so far. And I can actually clearly hear the bass!
  12. If I get the digital membership, can I buy the physical copies of old LPU CD's they have in the shop?
  13. Wow Guilty All The Same was pretty awesome, I can't believe they don't play it anymore. I guess it was kinda replaced by ALITS.
  14. He made it up as a joke stage name, and then it caught on. I'll see if I can find a source, I think it's from a documentary, or maybe an interview with Mike, but I'm not sure.
  15. I'd agree that The Messenger is the worst, but I really like Until It's Gone. People complain about the lyrics, but I like them. Also, the instrumental is pretty cool, and the verses are some of the most mellow moments of THP, which really makes them stand out to me.
  16. I am surprised Easier To Run was their least favourite. I thought it was pretty cool and did have some unique qualities. I really liked the strings that play during Mike's raps. Also when Chester raps along with Mike is also really awesome. And overall I did like the rap lyrics, they are fun to sing along with. I would have suspected their least favourite was Nobody's Listening or maybe Hit the Floor. I loved Meteora, but these two songs always stood out for me as being worse than the rest of the album. They had really repetitive instrumentals, though Hit the Floor's is admittedly pretty
  17. Awesome interview, would have been nice if they asked what the 17 MtM tracks were so we could finally get that resolved.
  18. I would say put them all in one folder on MEGA. That means you only have to share one link, but people can easily download only the ones they want.
  19. Okay thanks, I found the link, and I'll just put it here for anyone else interested.
  20. This is the first I've heard of this 15-Track Meteora, is there any info about it?
  21. I'm pretty sure the last one is Pretend To Be, not only does it sound like a Minutes to Midnight song, but here are some interesting quotes from Astat in the "Quick Question?" thread: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=6211&do=findComment&comment=116640 http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=7379&page=53&do=findComment&comment=218235
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