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  1. This is very cool stuff. The only thing I miss is an official release of the Rock Am Ring show from 2004. I know it is available everywhere but it deserves to be released as DVD.
  2. Oh yes. That would be cool to have these tracks in lossless. Maybe someone could share or via DM if there's no other solution.
  3. Yes. But the LPU15 tracks aren't up for download anymore. And I already bought the HT20 boxset. So I'd have to buy the digital lossless version in addition.
  4. So we might not get lossless versions of Hurry and Chair? I missed the original download of Chair which was the latest of the six LPU download exclusives. I never found the original WAV file or a lossless version.
  5. That sounds very good. Many sides make confusing statements such as http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Hybrid_Theory_(20th_Anniversary_Edition). "The Projekt Revolution 2002 disc includes an hour of unseen live footage from Las Vegas and San Diego" The Las Vegas show is almost about an hour in length. live footage from Las Vegas and San Diego ,
  6. Yes. But in regards of the DVD they don't say that it is included in full.
  7. That is strange. It's always said that the HT boxset DVDs contain two full shows. Fillmore and Rock am Ring.
  8. So is it correct that we will see the complete show in the stream but on the DVD there will be only excerpts of the show mixed with tracks from San Diego?
  9. Someone mentioned in the older threads that there was a pic called lparchivescover.jpg. Is this the cover.jpg in the 2009 folder?
  10. Can no one help me out? It is the last of these six tracks that I'm missing. Wasn't able to get it cause of some accessibility issues.
  11. Hello all, In 2015 I somehow missed the last track of the six download exclusives which is called Chair. Do you know how I can get it in lossless? Thank you!
  12. One out of twelve.... Btw. Sorry quoting posts does not work for me right now. I'm sorry for that.
  13. No I don't think so. The first albums were a cool mixture and they played their instruments. ATS and probably the new record are different. To me it sounds that there is no real playing involved anymore. But they could continue without Brad. Maybe the tickets would be cheaper... And Joe might do Daves parts.
  14. Whenever they claim to do something completely different they put out this kind of computer music. Terrible stuff...
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