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  1. The song I can most relate to on the album is "Fire". My great aunt passed away a few months ago, and it was incredibly hard on my mom and I both. Listening to this song always helps bring me closure and helps me realize that she is watching over me and I can feel her with me through everything each day.
  2. lol thats actually really awesome haha
  3. i hope the sabre tooth skulls have some kind of purpose behind them. even though theyre damn cool i want to see some meaning behind it and not anything random like mike firing his laser lol
  4. It has potential. I'll leave it at that.
  5. chill bro he's from switzerland and he probably speaks german and is using a translator... honestly i agree...if i put up a mistake online i would want it down from EVERYWHERE asap. Mike would probably like that.
  6. wow. I already viewed Mike as the most humble and respectable guy in the music industry...holy crap he did an awesome job there with that blog. He covered most everything and it's great to see his input on all the stuff going on. Takes some real nads to post that. Most bands wouldn't do that. There may be some people out there pissed at LPUX setup and maybe even that they are getting greedy or dumping fans but you know what, this proves Mike will never abandon a fan. Like he said, if you like the music awesome if not, the door is always open. He's like the Jesus of the music industry.
  7. Hell yes. Congrats to LP. They deserve it. Curious to see how they match up against maroon puke this week. And what happens when WftE hits radio...
  8. i did, actually. I'm going to see him in october, he's hosting a cheap concert here. besides, I'd rather have him win than anyone else in that newcomer category
  9. i voted!! unfortunately i think muse will win at keast one, possibly both :/
  10. Good review, and I'm really hoping they're right about being on the brink of something revolutionary. LP is one of a very small handful; or even the ONLY band out there that can pull it off. They could have done a lot better with the album, but it seemed as if they were on a big time crunch (at least that's what i got from MOATS) and hopefully they WILL write on the road like they said they will and that means more creativity, more productivity, and MORE MUSIC!!!
  11. definitely an awesome performance, loved to see the band arm in arm at the beginning, especially after the frustration that ensued in Meeting of a thousand suns lol but I'm pumped for WaK now thx michaelangelo for the link too bro
  12. I couldn't agree more, but if i get it today i will wait for the cd for a full listen!! only gonna lsiten to TC WaK and WftE until arrival. Then the full experience, then HALO REACH lol
  13. SAME!!!! wtf lol thats why i go usps EDIT: scratch that! just arrived in lenexa. I might get it today!!!
  14. SO GET THIS!!!! I have been so damn patient for ATS. First I wasn't going to listen to it until I got the CD in the mail. I refused to listen to links, LP's myspace, etc. nope. i would persevere. Got an email from UPS. expected to arrive Wednesday. Motherf*cker. So I'm like, alright. I'll listen when pre-order download comes out then. that's close enough. Had a freakin' exam from 8-10 pm. Get back to the apartment. Accounting work to do. I get it done and take my stereo out of the main room and put it in mine not to disturb the other people living with me. Nice gesture, right? Good
  15. hi_c21

    MTV VMA's

    And THAT is among the many reasons why I am proud to be a Linkin Park fan.
  16. hi_c21

    MTV VMA's

    im on a mac and no damn .ts converter without a watermark or cutting it in half... any mp4 format of the 1080p version out there??
  17. hi_c21

    MTV VMA's

    .ts file... ?? will this open in itunes? cuz if it won;t work in itunes i've hit a speed bump
  18. hi_c21

    MTV VMA's

    you are a true gentleman thanks bro
  19. hi_c21

    MTV VMA's

    holy shit...dont think i'll be downloading that one lol my bandwdith in my apt SUCKS it would take eons besides idk which button to press
  20. hi_c21

    MTV VMA's

    yeah chester was off par but the rest was really great. loved the sunset in the background, almost exactly like the ATS press photos...mike's singing was really good. he seemed nervous though lol
  21. you gotta remember the decade is less than a year old lol
  22. mike was right. it was a big payoff at the end. kinda wish chester woulda held the ending note longer at the end of the song though
  23. hi_c21

    LA Laser Show

    havent listened to the album yet, but i watched the first few seconds. damnit i wish i lived in LA. the lazer show sounds like the most badass thing ever created in concert history