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Best demo LPU 12 ?


What is the best demo track from LPU 12 ?  

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    • Homecoming (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
    • Points of Authority (Demo)
    • Clarity (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
    • Asbestos (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
    • Bunker (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
    • So Far Away (Unreleased 1998)
    • Pepper (Meteora Demo)
    • Debris (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
    • Ominous (Meteora Demo)
    • Forgotten (Demo)

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...It's saying I've already voted in this poll when this is the first time I've even clicked on this thread, lol.


Anyway, Ominous. Meteora-esque big guitars with crazy A Thousand Suns-esque sound effects mixed in? Perfect.

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The instrumentals on this LPU were a little disappointing compared to previous ones (like Pale, Halo, etc.). My favorite tracks this time around are Asbestos and So Far Away.


Asbestos has an awesome flow to it even if Mike is kind of rapping in circles (you know...not really saying anything). I really wish they would have finished this one. Chester could have had a great freak-out chorus in the same vein as Victimized or Blackout.


So Far Away further proves that A Thousand Suns was more like pre-Hybrid Theory album Linkin Park than we would've at first guessed. Some structure variation, Mike singing, etc. It joins Blue, Slip, and She Couldn't as songs that I really didn't expect were made by Linkin Park during that time period. Awesome song.

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So Far Away is far and away the best song on here :lol:

Not just cause it was complete, but its another finished gem of a pre-HT demo. Its so different and experimental compared to everthing else at the time (along with the other demos leftshoe18 mentioned).


I really wonder if we have them all yet? or if their still holding loads back! :o

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Guest RockSylvie

I'm listening more to "So far away" these days. The emotion in Mike's voice is something that I need to hear right now. Asbestos, Clarity, Pepper, Debris... I love them all! Sounds for my soul!

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