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06.09.2011 - Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong


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Linkin Park kicks off their Asian leg of their fall tour in Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong. Chek Lap Kok is an island in Hong Kong where the Hong Kong International Airport sits. The Asia-World Expo is also located there, which contains the Asia-World Arena - the spot of the Linkin Park show. Hong Kong, a former British territory and a current city-state of China (like Macao) is the only spot in China where LP will be playing this fall. The band has played there twice before, once in 2004 (show page here) and then on the 5th show of their 2007 Asian Tour (show page here).


As we all know, Linkin Park played two warm-up shows, one being the Secret Show for Japan, in Las Vegas (show page here) and Los Angeles (show page here) last week. The setlists were a variation of Europe's B16 set but came with one surprise: the return of 'Cure For The Itch' for the first time since the last show of Projekt Revolution 2008. This is the version they debuted in Mountain View, CA in 2007 (show page here) - what we call the "MTM Tour Version":



In Los Angeles, LP dropped 'Empty Spaces' and 'When They Come For Me' for the first time since they were introduced to the setlists in October 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina (show page here). They instead replaced them with 'The Messenger', which wasn't played at all in Europe (except for the acoustic part of the LPU Summit in Hamburg - show page here). The last time it was played at a regular show before Los Angeles was in Phoenix on the winter tour (show page here) - a nice six month break for the song.


We've all also seen Pooch's posts on Facebook... "Loading out after successful rehearsal. Worked on some new stuff for upcoming Asia shows. YAY." and "Different set lists at some shows. Can't tell you what they will be, but definitely different from Europe." It's well known that LP usually practices their "well known" sets at the beginning of the tour though, so it's possible Hong Kong will get another setlist variation that they played in Vegas and LA. However, at some point during this tour I think it's safe to say we'll be getting something awesome. What do you guys think it will be? Will they debut 'Robot Boy' finally? Will they drop in 'With You', like they've been hinting at over the past year? Or will we get something else? What would you like LP to surprise us with?


Who from LPLive is headed to the Hong Kong show? M&G for anyone for the first show? Or perhaps some live updates during the show?


After a day off on the 7th, LP plays in Seoul, Korea on the 8th before doing five in a row in Japan. This tour is sure to be an exciting one, with a three-day LPU Summit coming in Tokyo as well as an Indonesian show and plenty more. All of the 2011 fall tour dates can be found here - be sure to check back here on LPLive for full coverage of the entire tour, as always!



01. The Requiem

02. Faint

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. No More Sorrow

07. From The Inside

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Burning In The Skies

11. Numb

12. The Radiance (Live Version)

13. Iridescent

14. Fallout

15. The Catalyst

16. Shadow Of The Day

17. In The End

18. Bleed It Out (w/ 'A Place For My Head' & drum solo bridge)


19. Empty Spaces

20. When They Come For Me

21. Papercut

22. New Divide

23. Crawling

24. One Step Closer

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*finally I remember this account login name and now I can use back this account here lol*


yea as daniel said I'll go to this show and the m&g as well, hope I can put some updates to you guys, I try my best.


my twitter will be the way I put updates, my twitter link is on my signature

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Cure For The Itch (MTM Tour Version) = The Cure [from the Album STUDIO FINALS]

Not even close to the same thing at all. The Cure is a CFTI demo basically and CFTI MTM Tour Version is a remix. They don't even sound the same.


I think same set here as Vegas. Robot Boy in Japan when they do ATS front to back (another prediction).

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It will probably be the same set as the last two shows with the addition of When They Come For Me.

I'd say for the first couple shows, this is correct. But Pooch said new stuff is coming, and we can agree he's a pretty reliable source, am I right? So I think it's safe to say we'll get something during this tour.

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