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Linkin Park's most original song


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What do you think their most original song is? This can be determined by the sound, structure, and overall atmosphere of the song.


I'd have to go with Blackout.


Blackout feels like a wave of every Linkin Park album put into one song The rapping/screaming back and forth reminds me of Hybrid Theory/Meteora. The vocal glitching "dubstep" section reminds me of Reanimation, and the end of the song reminds me of Minutes To Midnight.


The song is a classic.

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It's hard to say. Not every LP song, but most of all LP songs, have Chester singing in his own unique way that no other singer in the world can sound like him. Mike and Brad have both said that. But as far as musically goes, I'd say maybe Hands Held High. What other rock band has used a church choir and rapping over those kind of instruments??

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I was thinking The Catalyst, until I remember what Mike said in the video of his home studio tour. He said they made the intro based off of a sound on ProTools that anyone could make if they bought ProTools. Idk.

Actually, I think that part was played on an Access Virus TI if I remember it correctly (that's the keyboard that Brad uses live). :P But seriously, just because the song has ONE simple part on the intro that you can recreate easily doesn't mean that the whole song would be easy to copy.


Personally, I can't really decide between Blackout and The Catalyst. Both are in my opinion very original.

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Alright, this is a tough question... What is the most original song from HT?!? Other stuff I was thinking were BTH, My December and surprisingly Coal, because if anyone heard that song, they would probably guess LP. It has that core LP sound. Probably because it's a Xero song, which is the baby core of LP. And for some reason, Part Of Me. Sounds like something different than all nu metal at the time and it just sounds original.

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Across The Line

You can't be serious. Most original? :D What's original about Across The Line?


Hands Held High and Blackout are both pretty good picks. When They Come For Me is pretty unique with the whole tribal feel and the middle eastern sounding chorus/outro by Chester. Very unique way to present his voice.

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