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LP shows you attended?


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20.01.2008 Frankfurt, Festhalle

24.06.2008 Mannheim, SAP Arena

30.07.2009 Stuttgart, Cannstatter Wasen

22.10.2010 Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle

26.10.2010 Dortmund, Westfalenhalle 1

27.10.2010 Köln, LANXESS Arena

02.11.2010 Frankfurt, Festhalle

25.06.2011 München, Messegelände Riem


Favorite show: Mannheim 2008

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Times I have seen LP:

07.08.2007 Atlanta, GA, Lakewood Amphitheatre

30.07.2008 Charlotte, NC, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

01.08.2008 West Palm Beach, FL, Cruzan Amphitheatre

02.08.2008 Tampa, FL, Ford Amphitheatre

03.08.2008 Atlanta, GA, Lakewood Amphitheatre

23.07.2009 Graz, Austria, Stadthalle

28.07.2009 Zürich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion

30.07.2009 Stuttgart, Germany, Cannstatter Wasen

02.08.2009 Gräfenhainichen, Germany, Ferropolis

20.01.2011 Sunrise, FL, BankAtlantic Center (+ soundcheck)

22.01.2011 Tampa, FL, St. Pete Times Forum

23.01.2011 Atlanta, GA, Philips Arena


Shows I had tickets for but didn't go to:

26.02.2008 Nashville, TN, Sommet Center (sick after coming back from Europe)

25.07.2008 Raleigh, NC, Walnut Creek Amphitheatre (plans fell through to get to the venue)

22.08.2009 Pomona, CA, Fairplex, Epicenter 09 (first week of class freshman year of college, couldn't do it)

14.09.2010 New York City, NY, Best Buy Theater (school tests)

13.02.2011 Cincinnati, OH, U.S. Bank Arena (LP canceled it; had the flag already made too)


Almost went to:

09.02.2006 Fort Minor - Atlanta, GA, Roxy Theatre (Baseball game, wtf, should have gone to see FM)

09.11.2010 Birmingham, England, LG Arena (2010 LP Europe trip canceled because gf couldn't come)

10.11.2010 London, England, O2 Arena (^)

11.11.2010 London, England, O2 Arena (^)

23.02.2011 Los Angeles, CA, Staples Center (canceled plane tix because we couldn't get floor tix after Cincy was canceled)


No idea why I didn't try and go to Europe this summer for Leipzig, Oberursel, Hamburg and Munchen. I've seen 12, I'd say 13 because of an hour and a half soundcheck. Biggest regret is no Nashville 08 - APFMH, My December, HHH, VDay. I've attempted a bunch that were canceled last minute though, oh well lol.


Favorite shows:

Atlanta 2007, Stuttgart 2009, West Palm Beach 2008 (in order)


Least favorite shows:

Atlanta 2011, Zurich 2009, Charlotte 2008

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Only 4 unfortunately. Wish the numbers were much greater.


20.10.2007 // Sydney, Australia

04.12.2010 // Newcastle, Australia

11.12.2010 // Sydney, Australia

15.12.2010 // Sydney, Australia + LPU Summit


Planned shows to attend but couldn't due to last minute things.

Sydney 21.10.2007 - Family commitments.

Canberra 16.12.2010 - Work commitments.


Also heres my ranking


Sydney 15/12/10 > Newcastle 4/12/10 > Sydney 11/12/10 > Sydney 20/10/07

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15.09.2001 Manchester apollo uk

07.03.2003 Manchester apollo uk

21.11.2003 Manchester arena uk

05.06.2004 Download Festival

09.06.2007 Download Festival

27.01.2008 Manchester arena uk

29.06.2008 Projekt Revolution uk

01.08.2009 Sonisphere festival uk

04.11.2010 manchester arena uk(M&G)

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5.6.07 - Pre-MTM Tour (Bamboozle, NJ)

8.24.07 - Projekt Revolution (Mansfield, MA)

8.26.07 - Projekt Revolution (Hartford, CT)

8.28.07 - Projekt Revolution (Syracuse, NY)

2.18.08 - MTM Arena Tour (Manchester, NH)

7.12.08 - Edgefest (Toronto, Canada)

7.16.08 - Projekt Revolution (Mansfield, MA)

7.20.08 - Projekt Revolution (Hartford, CT)

9.14.10 - ATS Promo Show (NY, NY)

2.1.11 - ATS World Tour (Boston, MA)

2.4.11 - ATS World Tour (NY, NY)




2.3.06 - Fort Minor US Tour (Boston, MA)

10.14.09 - Dead By Sunrise Tour (NY, NY)

10.23.09 - Dead By Sunrise Tour (Ulalume, Columbia, MD)

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Berlin 28.04.2007

Hamburg 27.05.2007

Hannover 16.01.2008

St. Petersburg 26.07.2009

Zürich 28.07.2009

Stuttgart 30.07.2009

Dortmund 26.10.2010

Köln 27.10.2010

Hamburg 29.10.2010

Frankfurt 02.11.2010

Leipzig 18.06.2011

Hamburg 21.06.2011


Fort Minor:

Hamburg 18.11.2005


Dead By Sunrise:

Stuttgart 30.07.2009

Hamburg 07.10.2009

Hamburg 28.02.2010 (last DBS show to date :P)

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15.10.03 Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

22.06.04 The Padang, Singapore

18.10.07 Burswood Dome, Perth, Australia


Fort Minor:


29.02.06 Bukit Kiara Equestrian Indoor Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Looking to catch them in Thailand or Indonesia on the upcoming Asian tour.

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I've attendnd five LP Shows and a DBS Show in Germany.


Cologne 01.21.2008

Düsseldorf Projekt Revolution 06.28.2008

Dortmund 10.26.2010 with my first m&g

Cologne 10.27.2010

Oberursel Projekt Revolution 06.19.2011


DBS 02.25.2010 cologne


My favorites are the two shows in 2008 because of A place for my head, In pieces..cologne because of the first time of In between. Then Oberursel, then Cologne 2010 at least Dortmund 2010, but the M&G was great.

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I'd have to say my favorite shows I have been to have been the special ones. Bamboozle 2007, NYC 2010 (ATS Release Show) and Edgefest in 2008. The sets were all just really good and the band had a lot of energy. And for some reason, the first two not being released as DSP's makes them more special to me for some reason...no clue why.


My least favorite shows I have been to were probably Syracuse, NY in 2007 on PR, I barely even remember that show at all for some reason, and it was the most hillbilly place I have ever been to. Also, Hartford in 2008 on PR as well, for some reason, the band wasn't playing that well IMO, I actually got really dehydrated and left during SOTD, which SUCKS because they ended up bringing Chris out for his birthday and playing We Made It, and I was front row as well!!! I saw We Made It in Mansfield 2008 but it would have been better at Hartford since I was on the bar front row...

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01.08.09 - Sonisphere, Knebworth UK


yes, only one show...

my friend and I waited the entire day on the front row - totally worth it...


would've gone to see them in 2011, the ATS UK touring cycle was right in the middle of 1st term at uni, didn't really have the money to get tickets AND train travel :(

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Fort Minor

2006.2.24 Taipei,Taiwan

Linkin Park

2007.11.16 Taipei,Taiwan

2008.10.17 Taipei,Taiwan(cancelled)

2009.8.13 Taipei,Taiwan

2011.9.19 Taipei,Taiwan(as a MFR Volunteer)

Dead By Sunrise

2010.1.30 Taipei,Taiwan


Im very lucky to have the opportunity to get to watch the 3 bands live

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everything says down :D

Yo Aravind, long time since last huh?

So you attended the Download 2011 show too, I were there too man. :P Didn't know you were there, if so..I would have been say hello to you dude.


I were at the frontrow haha! Lined up for like ten hours, sick, but worth it!

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