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  1. There's also a song that plays when you hit the "info button" . Mike's character wears this shirt : http://musicforrelief.shop.bravadousa.com/...amp;pc=BGCTRF01
  2. Thanks Narc85 for sharing this, great recording !
  3. In the road to revolution DVD you can see through his laptop that he is using serato live for his tunrtable samples, for the akai pads, weren't the samples stocked in his MPCs (in the old days) ?
  4. Maybe Chester was talking about the Abraham Lincoln video ?
  5. THis is what i've been doing but I only find videos from the night before ^^ .
  6. I can't find any video of the show , anyone has some ?
  7. Is this competitions over ? Did you win ? What about the Frgt/10 demo ?
  8. I would say 4/5 , i think mike will also be singing in this record .
  9. Where's the "you can't put a label on a lifestyle" sample from high voltage from ?
  10. Yes in the LPTV "north american tour part 3" .