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  1. wow such an incredible show! and first time first row here is a video from
  2. janaLP

    Older DSP's?

    PR BERLIN 2008!!
  3. 27.06.2008 Berlin, Waldbuehne 20.10.2010 Berlin, O2 World 29.10.2010 Hamburg, O2 World 18.06.2011 Leipzig, Festwiese
  4. HT: -with you -a place for my head -by myself Meteora: -figure.09 -lying from you -faint M2M: -bleed it out -hands held high -in between ATS: -wretches and kings -blackout -iridescent
  5. I don't know when the package will arrive in Germany, it will be a surprise^^ But it's good that medium is already shipped
  6. omg... finally I got a pic with Mike *__* he came straight to me after the M&G, took my cam and took a pic with me (I asked him at the M&G) He's so super nice And the concert was so awesome too!! The crowd gave LP so much energie. Here is a video (HD) of Lying from you
  7. That give me some hope for Leipzig tomorrow We have to ask for "with you" *___* no matter what Chester will say ^^
  8. I could print the lyrics out and give them to him^^ yeah would be amazing to hear a piece of And One *__* Edit: I printed it out and I'll take it with me tomorrow.. we'll see what will happen
  9. What other song they could play over "Bleed it out"? besides of BITS, APFMH and RME... ??
  10. I will go there too and I got a confirmation mail for the M&G I also thought about asking for "Reading my eyes" over BIO ^^ I will ask the other M&G winners for asking Mike the same question, so Mike will get a lot of requests^^ Oh man I'm so nervous right now... can't wait!!!
  11. Anyway Leipzig will be great too Please let Papercut, LFY and FTI in the set and put Blackout in it too!! But I think the weather will be not so great :/
  12. So I think that they will play the same setlist in Leipzig.. Burning in the skies is the only new one, I haven't heard befor. But "Papercut" and "Lying from you" that's great Edit: oh wait.. I totally forgot "From the inside" :]
  13. no "shadow of the day" .. I really like all these songs, but it's boring to hear them again and again... Hope that they will change it a little bit (please one song^^) for the PR shows
  14. Projekt Revolution 2008 - Berlin, Germany June 27 When LP was in Germany 2008 in winter (Hannover, January 16) I was in Italy for skiing with my class >.<
  15. I will be there too This is the first time that I have seattickets
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